April 20th, 2017

New Report: The Case for a Secondary DNS Service

There’s a strong chance if you were to read the title of this blog before October 21, 2016, you would probably think we were trying to sell you a bill of goods. Why, the argument would go, would anybody need a secondary DNS service when you have one that’s working just fine.

Sound familiar?

But then October 21, 2016 happened, and the prevailing wisdom was turned on its head. On that fateful day, the Mirai Botnet was unleashed, crippling a managed DNS provider and causing intermittent outages for brands that didn’t implement a secondary DNS service.

In our latest paper, we outline the importance of using a secondary service, touching upon topics such as:

  • Why your DNS might be at risk if a secondary DNS service isn’t implemented
  • How primary and secondary DNS works
  • The proper security posture for a strong DNS strategy
  • How to ensure your recursive DNS is also ready for cyber threats

Cybersecurity, like history, is cyclical. All it takes is one successful attack to expose a vulnerability, then it becomes a race against time to ensure any weakness is quickly addressed. And with the source code for the Mirai Botnet out there already, it just makes sense to be prepared. To paraphrase a part of the paper, having a secondary DNS service isn’t about having a plan B. It’s about having a smarter plan A.

Download our paper and learn why your company needs a secondary DNS service. 

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