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April 17th, 2018

Hello?! Is Anyone There? Why Customers Might Not Be Getting Your Call

Everyone today seems to have an unfortunate personal story about the spam calls or unwanted robocalls they’ve received recently. You’re probably getting them so frequently these days that you almost never answer the phone if it’s from a number you don’t recognize.

But have you considered the flip side of that?

For businesses that rely on phone calls to make connections with customers, getting through to them over the phone seems to be getting more and more difficult. Yet, phone calls remain a key part of the customer journey.

What kind of call experience are you delivering? With 88% of business calls going unanswered, it’s likely you’re not reaching anyone on the other end.

Are your calls being mislabeled as spam? Are customers not answering because they don’t know who is calling? Or worse, is your name and number showing up wrong on the call display?

As a business, you want your customers to know and trust that it’s actually your business that’s calling them, and that you are calling them for a good reason. There are things you can do to protect your brand while also keeping the lines of communication open.

Check out this infographic for more information on how Neustar can help you deliver a better call experience.  


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