January 20th, 2021

How to Achieve Post-Cookie Marketing Success (Watch Video)

Brave New Worlds 2020, our inaugural two-day virtual summit held on October 15 and 16, 2020, brought together the world's most respected leaders to address some of the hardest problems in digital transformation, marketing technology, and data science. This is the last in a series of seven blog posts recapping highlights of this event.


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Digital advertising has made the promise of addressable marketing a reality. But cookie marketing and marketing based on other unreliable digital identifiers are going away.

How did we get here and how can marketers ensure they choose the right solution to replace cookie marketing? I sat down with four experts who have deep insights into how marketers can overcome challenges to future-proof their campaign targeting and measurement.

The session, which offers practical steps for marketing in a cookie-less environment and tips for evaluating identity solutions, is available to watch on demand. Here's what you can expect to learn.  

How We Got Here: Evolving Beyond Cookie Marketing
There are a lot of reasons why cookie marketing and the use of third-party cookies are going away. But an overarching one is consumer demand for change, says Joanna O'Connell, VP principal analyst at Forrester Research.

“We have created an environment in the way that we've been advertising over the last, certainly, 20 years, but most obviously in the last 10 years where consumers are not necessarily comfortable with the way that we are using their data,” she says during the panel.

Why Marketers Need Identity
Without cookies, marketers need new ways to enable identifiable connections to users such as Neustar’s Fabrick in order to continue personalizing and measuring their advertising, panelists affirmed.

“When you're thinking about audience targeting, all of the strategic elements that go into how you think about audiences, the type of consumer experience that you want to create, all of those strategic pillars are still going to be fundamental to how we go to market for clients,” said Kathleen Dundas, president of data and technology at Zenith, Moxie, and MRY.

Identity and Post-Cookie Monetization through a Privacy Lens
O'Connell stressed the need for identity solutions that go beyond simply following “the letter” of privacy. They should follow “the spirit of privacy,” she said.

So, the onus is on brands and publishers to ensure privacy is baked into the identity technologies they choose, panelists suggested.

Mike O'Sullivan, VP of product at Index Exchange, said publishers evaluating vendors to help them achieve post cookie monetization should consider, “what's the technology that I'm going to use in order to accomplish that as well as make sure that privacy and consumer feedback is sort of a first-class citizen within that experience.”

Four Types of Authenticated Identity Approaches
O'Sullivan laid out four key categories of authenticated identity technologies, or what he calls “authentication powered solutions,” citing:

  • Technologies that unlock addressability using authenticated user identity data gleaned through logins
  • Single, publisher-centric solutions based on first-party data
  • Approaches developed by Google featured in its Privacy Sandbox
  • Shared, open-source algorithmic approaches

Tips for Evaluating Identity-Based Replacements for Cookie Marketing
Ultimately, our panelists suggested that the array of approaches to cookie marketing replacements will create “a lot of messiness” for marketers in the next couple of years. But they offered advice on how to filter out the noise.

Before evaluating identity vendors, our panelists say, marketers need to define their identity needs and use cases, as well as determine what will work best with their current tech stack ecosystem.

Then, when it comes time to choose an identity vendor, panelists advise marketers to ask tech providers tough questions such as:

  • Where does the data come from?
  • What level of data enrichment is possible?
  • Was the system built with privacy-by-design?


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