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August 14th, 2019

Customer service: perception versus reality

What’s the general perception of your contact center? Are your customer satisfaction rates on the upswing or declining? While many call centers believe they provide excellent customer service, sometimes the actual experience can carry a different tone.

One of the factors in helping you determine this is the method at which you authenticate callers. Do your telephone agents provide a friendly greeting before immediately addressing their needs, or are you from the camp that first needs to ask a number of security questions to confirm the validity of the call before addressing their needs?

If you are still relying on knowledge-based authentication (KBA) methods to validate callers, your actual customer experience may be a lot different than what you perceive it to be. That’s because KBA is more intrusive on callers, disrupts the flow of the call, and often creates a more frustrating experience for your customers.

When it comes to caller authentication, what’s your priority — resolving your customers’ problems, providing excellent customer service, or protecting your telephone environment? While the answer may be all of the above, when it comes to customer satisfaction, it’s pretty safe to say that your customers still want to know they come first.

Starting off every inbound phone call by having callers answer a bunch of security questions is no longer efficient or cost effective in today’s contact center environment. Traditional KBA tools not only add .50 cents or more to each call, but they are no longer predictive for identifying customers. 

Creating a call center environment that’s secure and delivers a exceptional customer experience requires the ability to automatically authenticate customers without asking them anything in return. Authentication processes that validate calls before they are picked up is an important first step to improving your security and overall customer experience.

A solution like TRUSTID’s Pre-Answer Caller Authentication verifies each incoming call within milliseconds using advanced telephone network forensics. And it does so while the phone is still ringing.

The ability to automatically authenticate each call before it is answered is essential to creating a more frictionless and satisfying experience for your customers. Not only does it remove frustrating identity interrogations and the dependency on personal information from the authentication process, but as agents pick up the phone with a friendly greeting before addressing the customer’s needs, it saves call center operations both time and money, as well as speeds up the problem-resolution process.

There are several ways organizations can show customers that their needs come first while also enhancing the security of your contact center environment. Deploying some of the automated authentication technologies like TRUSTID can help align your perception of customer service with the actual experience you provide.

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