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October 14th, 2019

New STIR/SHAKEN Online Resource Features the Latest on Stopping Robocalls

Stopping robocalls is a complex problem that requires multiple technologies and the cooperation of many stakeholders. Despite the seeming lack of progress – as evidenced by the growing number of legislations accompanied by the steady stream of media coverage on the latest phone scams – there has, in fact, been steady progress in advancing the deployment of robocall analytics and call authentication.

A number of federal and state legislations are in the works. The Stopping Bad Robocalls Act and Traced Act are expected to be enacted by the end of this year. And states such as California, Arkansas, South Carolina, Louisiana, Maryland, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Ohio have passed and are working on more state-level bills to curb robocalling.

In August, State Attorneys Generals and twelve of the largest voice service providers signed an agreement committing to eight anti-robocall principles. The principles solidify carriers’ commitment to offer free call blocking and labeling and dive into what they do behind the scenes with network and call analytics to identify and investigate robocall traffic. They also outline specific steps like confirming the identity of new VoIP customers to make it harder for scammers and spoofers to get a number, participating in tracebacks to identify where a call originated that aids in the prosecution of illegal robocallers and continuing to communicate and cooperate with AGs on anti-robocalling solutions. Despite the glaring lack of a timeline to meet these principles, Neustar is working with a majority of these carriers, and are aware of their progress to deploy and beat the FCC deadline by the end of 2019.

At events such as the recent 2019 PACE Washington Summit attended by regulators, elected officials, contact center executives and providers of anti-robocalling solutions, discussions on recent federal and state legislation, impacts of call blocking and labelling on contact centers operations and solutions such as STIR/SHAKEN call authentication are important to raise awareness and work through challenges.

As a co-author of call authentication standards and leading provider of trusted call solutions for enterprises and carriers, including providing STIR / SHAKEN solutions for over half of the carriers that signed the anti-robocalling principles (that represent approximately 90% of subscriber base in the US), Neustar has a broad perspective on the overcoming the challenges of robocalls and call fraud. To help continue the awareness, collaboration and focus on solutions, we developed an online resource hub that covers the latest on regulations, standards, solutions, and resources in the fight against illegal robocalls and call scams.

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