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December 17th, 2018

New Media Effectiveness Study Reveals Digital Tops TV in Movie Marketing Mix

Not since 1975—when Universal Pictures changed the marketing game by gambling on TV to promote a then-upcoming summer release called Jaws—has there been a call to challenge television’s long-held grasp on the majority of movie marketing’s media mix.

Clearly much has changed in the media landscape since TV became studios’ media mix darling over 40 years ago. But just like it took time for television’s power to convert small screen viewers into big screen ticket buyers to come clear, digital media’s impact has long-remained fuzzy and unproven.

That is, until now.

Studios spent $27.4 million to market new releases in 2016. But how effective was that spend at driving moviegoers to theaters? Facebook engaged Neustar—the leading, neutral provider of unified marketing intelligence—to study media mix effectiveness. Neustar analyzed the advertising channels for 70 major U.S. studio releases across a variety of genres, to get quantifiable answers to the following questions:

  • What channel mix is most effective at generating incremental box office revenue?
  • What specific role does Facebook play in the mix?

Talk about a surprise ending. The results of this new study—representing $1.8 billion in 2016 movie marketing spend—show that the time is ripe for studios to reevaluate the standing media mix. Digital media overall, and Facebook in particular, prove to be much more efficient and effective channels in the overall mix than was previously understood. And TV, while still valuable, generated results that should give movie marketers pause when planning how much of their total budget should be spent there.

Download the study: Do Movie Marketing Budgets Need a Digital Reboot? to ensure you have powerful insights at hand to inform and potentially optimize your own studio’s movie marketing mix.

Get answers to these critical marketing questions:

  • TV represented 82% of paid media budgets, but how much did it contribute to actual ticket sales?
  • Which portion of the marketing mix was responsible for nearly half of paid-media driven box office revenue and at what percent of overall spend?
  • Which was the most efficient digital channel?
  • What was the relative impact of sales versus share of spend overall?
  • What was the return on ad spend (ROAS) for paid Facebook media across box office tiers and genres?
  • What role did viral impression volume (VIV) play on revenue and organic search?
  • What percent of TV budget should movie marketers consider shifting to digital media and at what potential lift to incremental box office revenue?

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