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October 23rd, 2017

Neustar to host International DDoS Awareness Virtual Conference

On Tuesday, October 24, 2017, Neustar is hosting its first ever International DDoS Awareness Day, a virtual conference dedicated to helping IT professionals, c-suite executives, and the general public understand today’s cyber security landscape and emerging distributed denial of service (DDoS) threats.

“Cyber attacks have increased in frequency and complexity over the last few years,” said Rodney Joffe, Senior Vice President and Fellow at Neustar. “DDoS is a huge part of this, making it essential for business leaders around the world to better understand the cyber security landscape and how to best defend against ongoing assaults that impact networks, reputations, and ultimately, the bottom line.”

As a nod to Joffe’s statement, the latest research published from Neustar’s October 2017 Global DDoS Attacks & Cyber Security Insights Report shows the damage associated with DDoS attacks. Specifically, the report shows that the average number of breaches per DDoS attack is at 2.2, and just as scary, 92 percent of companies attacked just once reported some form of theft (intellectual property, financial, customer information).

With an overarching theme on DDoS awareness and cyber security, the virtual conference is broken into six presentations:

1. Executive panel discussion
This must-watch panel focuses on the state of cyber security and DDoS threat landscape. The panel features Rodney Joffe of Neustar; Robert Hannigan, former director of Britain’s GCHQ; Ron Feler, former deputy commander of the Israeli Defense Forces’ Unit 8200, and current head of threat intelligence and operations for Blue Team Global; David Young, senior manager of security, infrastructure, and threat management at the Bank of England; and Chris Matthews, head of operations for Experian Data Quality, the data management arm of the Experian Group.

Topics covered: The state of cyber security, 2016 election, Cyber security arms race, The role of nation state and criminal actors in cyber attacks, Importance of public/private information sharing, GDPR, Shoring up the security chain, DDoS attacks as smokescreens, IoT and its implications, and what the panelists believe is the weakest link in cyber security.

2. Keynote interview with Rodney Joffe
With an almost daily deluge of news concerning hacks, attacks and breaches, it’s easy to wonder if there really is an answer to cyber crime. In this presentation geared towards the c-suite and Board members, Rodney Joffe, Senior Vice President and Fellow at Neustar, discusses everything from the current state of cyber security to how IT professionals and organizations need to plan ahead when they’re struck with a cyber attack.

Topics Covered: State of cyber security; DDoS; DDoS attacks; Rates of DDoS attacks; How companies need to prepare for DDoS attacks; Contingency plans; Risk reduction; Types of DDoS attacks; IoT; Why companies need to protect their DNS; DNSSEC; BGP; DANE; DNS outage; DNS Shield; What to look for in a DDoS solution; What to look for in a DDoS provider

3. Understanding DNS as it relates to DDoS
The domain name system, or DNS, is a critical, yet vastly underappreciated and underutilized component of the Internet, responsible for a number of functions, the least of which is allowing devices to communicate. In this 40-minute conversation, Chris Roosenraad, director of product management for DNS at Neustar, discusses DNS, its importance, and how DNS can be both the target and effective in the fight against DDoS attacks.

Topics covered: DNS; DDoS Attacks; Importance of layered cyber security defenses; Secondary DNS providers; How CISOs can make the argument for more budget to secure their DNS; DNS recommendations; DNS recommendations for the online holiday shopping season; Common mistakes CISOs make with their DNS; How recursive DNS works and what it can do for organizations; Why DNS is a likely target for an attack; Why outsourcing DNS doesn’t mean losing control; How DNS can protect organizations from ransomware, phishing, and malware; DNSSEC; Penetration and vulnerability assessments.

4. Neustar security solutions overview
James Willett, vice president of product management for Neustar, will share how the Neustar security suite helps companies accelerate, protect and defend their critical infrastructure.

Topics Covered: DDoS defense; DNS, Neustar by the numbers, Web performance management; DDoS Mitigation; Update on the world’s largest DDoS mitigation network; Neustar security framework; Neustar security philosophy; Neustar security product suite; Web application firewall; Neustar SiteProtect; Neustar UltraDNS; Managed DNS; Authoritative DNS; Recursive DNS; DNS Sla; Managed DNS; DDoS attacks; Neustar Security Operations Center (SOC); DDoS deployment; GDPR Compliance; & CREST certifications

5. Overview of Neustar 2017 DDoS Attacks and Cyber security Report   
The certainty of being affected by DDoS attacks has evolved from if, to when, to how many times. In this presentation, Joe Loveless, Neustar director of product marketing for security services, will share the latest results of Neustar’s global DDoS research for the first half of 2017 and explain why attackers are suddenly focused on quality, and not quantity.

Topics Covered: DDoS attacks in 2017, Breaches; DDoS breach rate; Number of times companies are under a DDoS attack; How malware and ransomware are injected after a DDoS attack; Breach activity; Results of DDoS attacks; Why there’s a sudden need for WAF; DDoS solutions; DDoS; Why IoT devices are under attack; The importance of companies sharing threat intelligence information; Companies’ motives for investing in DDoS solutions

6.  DDoS and cyber security

In order to effectively fight against DDoS attacks, it’s helpful to understand its history. To chronicle how DDoS attacks originated and transformed over the years, we’ll hear from Barrett Lyon, who, in addition to founding the DDoS mitigation industry, also works at Neustar as the Head of Research and Development.

Topics Covered: DDoS mitigation history; Importance of having a robust infrastructure; What makes a good DDoS solution; What makes for a good DDoS mitigation company; Artificial intelligence and cyber security; Artificial intelligence and the IoT; Future of DDoS; Future of the DDoS industry; Biggest cyber security concern; Need for redundancy; DDoS defense recommendations; Future of Neustar DDoS defenses; Future of protocols

Whether you’re an IT professional looking to shore up your defenses before the online holiday shopping season arrives, or a novice to cyber security, these presentations are geared to help you understand, explain and prepare for the evolving cyber security landscape.

To register, visit: http://vshow.on24.com/vshow/neustar/registration/14678

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