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July 15th, 2015

Neustar Takes Precision Marketing to the Next Level

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We’re thrilled to announce today that Neustar is releasing a brand new version of our integrated marketing solution, PlatformOne™. In this latest iteration, we’ve included innovative updates and features behind a newly streamlined and intuitive user interface.

Modern marketers have long used PlatformOne to onboard, segment, discover, syndicate, and measure cross-channel campaigns, maximizing the effectiveness of their marketing investments. The latest improvements now make the platform even more versatile, powerful, and easy to use. Exciting new capabilities bring it to a whole new level of performance.

  • The new user interface is faster, more intuitive, and features an optimized workflow.

screenshot of playtformone application

  • An innovative CRM dashboard includes offline household counts for your onboarded data, as well as counts of households and identifiers available at each inventory partner by segment.
  • A brand new Audience Planner helps you to create custom audiences from your first party data and, using Boolean rules, overlay any attribute from Neustar’s ecosystem of third-party data vendors. The new planner also enables you to assess your true estimated reach across Neustar-integrated partners, updated in real time as you build and modify your audience definition. 

screenshot of playtformone application

  • The improved syndication workflow now syndicates data to multiple inventory providers of your choice within a 24-48 hour turnaround time, and a refined syndication report displays the number of records syndicated for your custom audiences by media partners and channel.
  • New cross-device measurement capabilities use Neustar’s authoritative identity, enabling richer and more accurate consumer profiles for better personalization and more efficient media spend. The platform now establishes linkages between desktop and mobile identifiers, delivering one view of customers and prospects across channels and devices.

screenshot of playtformone application

  • The new action filter enables you to analyze campaign impact across multiple conversion events. It also provides a customized view of conversion data and metrics in Trends and R&O by conversion name (classification) and type (sales, visits).
  • With more accurate reach and overlap reporting, you get exact-count data for reach and overlap to better understand performance for 7- and 30-day views. You can also view reach and overlap in relation to key performance metrics for an advertiser, campaign, or campaign group.
  • With enhanced discrepancy reporting, you can now investigate discrepancies more deeply by identifying discrepancies for specific advertisers or campaigns.
  • The date range controls have been expanded to provide options for new calendar month and quarter date ranges, giving you more versatility to analyze ad campaigns.
  • Multicurrency support has now been added to display media cost in the proper currency (e.g., $, €, ¥) for your global campaigns.

With already over 85 partner integrations, the new PlatformOne incorporates even more partners into its evolving ecosystem. New audience syndication partners include Jivox, Krux, Kargo, Nativo, Rubicon Project, and True X. New data providers include Semasio, Cross Pixel, Alliant, VisualDNA,, Experian, and Webbula.

Easily the most exciting and powerful capability of the new PlatformOne is its industry-leading cross-device measurement, which uses Neustar’s authoritative identity to establish more accurate linkages between consumers and their devices. With the platform’s new cross-device capabilities, marketers are now able to create even richer and more accurate consumer profiles. The result? Greatly enhanced relevance in audience reach—and ultimately more efficient media investments.

On the most recent improvements to PlatformOne, Neustar’s Vice President of Marketing Services, Michael Schoen says that “creating a straightforward and intuitive workflow and analytics platform for our customers is of utmost importance to us.” What’s more, because our customers rely on Neustar for accurate and relevant insights, the platform’s “streamlined redesign will allow them to focus on uncovering these powerful data insights—faster and with more precision than ever before.”

To learn more about its precision marketing capabilities visit PlatformOne on the web.

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