November 30th, 2021

Neustar Releases STIR/SHAKEN RESTful APIs to Support Enhanced STIR/SHAKEN Call Authentication

Neustar has released a comprehensive set of STIR/SHAKEN RESTful Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to help carriers around the world more easily adopt the growing number of call authentication standards. APIs are software intermediaries that allows applications to communicate with each other – in this case, to securely validate caller identity and stop illegal Caller ID spoofing in Voice over IP (VoIP) networks. 

Get in on the action!
We’re inviting developers and implementers of STIR/SHAKEN to leverage our open APIs and collaborate with us to expand them. Releasing our proven STIR/SHAKEN APIs follows an industry trend towards the use of open development platforms to foster innovation and increase agility. Broadly adopted APIs can also be viewed as a cost-saving measure, eliminating the need for carriers to develop their own interfaces (or support one or more vendor-specific interfaces) for call authentication and other related enhancements.

Visit our public GitHub site to learn more now.

Adoption through collaboration.
With so many different carrier network infrastructures and national regulatory bodies around the world, implementing common standards has always been problematic. Our open API initiative represents an effort to bring the carrier and vendor community together to work towards three common goals:

  1. Enabling global call authentication interoperability
  2. Eliminating fraudulent robocalls
  3. Restoring consumer trust

Together we can redefine the role business phone calls will play in the future.

More features, more functionality.
As the industry enters the next phase of implementation, multiple STIR/SHAKEN-related standards have since been published that significantly enhance the initial call authentication framework to prevent more illegal robocalls and enhance the subscriber call experience. Open collaboration with the developer community can ultimately lead to timely and widespread use of STIR/SHAKEN’s full functionality including support for:

  • Call forwarding
  • Rich call data
  • Full attestation alternatives for enterprises
  • Emergency services 
  • Seamless integration with robocall analytics

We are also optimistic that open collaboration within a vested developer community can lead to broader international adoption of STIR/SHAKEN beyond the United States and Canada. 

Neustar is a pioneer in call authentication as the co-author of STIR standards and early contributor to the SHAKEN framework. We play an ongoing leadership role in defining industry standards with ATIS, IETF, and NTWG, as well as operating the ATIS Robocalling Testbed, where carriers test STIR/SHAKEN implementations for interoperability. 

Learn more about the steps international carriers are already taking with our International Call Authentication FAQs. And then help accelerate the adoption of STIR/SHAKEN with our APIs. Visit our GitHub site and learn more.

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