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November 16th, 2016

Neustar Reengineers the Internet with the DNS Shield Network

Neustar DNS Shield™ Network Poised to Provide Lower Latency, Enhanced Security, and Better Reliability

You read that correctly, Neustar is reengineering the Internet. To understand how, let’s start with two facts:

1. A straight line is the shortest (and usually quickest) distance between two points.

2. The protocol design for the domain name system (DNS) didn’t completely account for security.

So what does this have to do with one another, you might ask? That answer is simple: everything!

Without getting too technical, DNS serves as something of a lynchpin for the Internet, enabling servers – the recursive and authoritative – to communicate with one another to route you to the desired website or device of your choice. 

One of the major issues with DNS is that when it was designed in the 1980’s, the Internet wasn’t widely adopted, so the protocol design for DNS didn’t really account for safety. And since anybody can access DNS, it’s just as vulnerable as it is necessary. Or at least it was.

Under the DNS Shield Network, Neustar is taking its global, authoritative platform and allowing  its partners to directly connect their recursive servers. By removing the dependency on public Internet networks, the DNS Shield Network is taking the straight-line approach to shielding DNS from DDoS attacks and DNS spoofing attempts. In other words, DNS Shield is reengineering the way the Internet works.

Additionally, DNS Shield readily offers three benefits:

1. Lower Latency – Not all slowdowns and website outages are caused by DDoS attacks. Holiday traffic and large numbers of visitors to a website can cause webpage delays and frustration for all parties involved. By permitting DNS traffic to avoid general Internet networking connectivity, DNS Shield provides a web browsing experience that is both fast and efficient. In most cases, the Neustar DNS Shield Network nodes are physically located within 100 feet of partner recursive servers, resulting in sub-5ms network responses, the fastest in the world.

2. Enhanced Security – The recent IoT-enhanced DDoS attacks that made the Internet inaccessible will soon become a thing of the past. By creating a private network for DNS resolution within provider networks, DNS Shield minimizes exterior threats like DDoS attacks and cache poisoning attempts. 

3. Better Reliability – In the event of a DDoS attack or significant network outage, DNS queries will continue to resolve within the private networks where DNS Shield is deployed. This resiliency ensures a superior Internet experience for DNS Shield partners and customers.

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