December 17th, 2020

Neustar Recognized with 3 Computing Security Awards

We’re very proud to share the news that won three separate awards at the prestigious Computing Security Awards – more than any other security provider.

Demonstrating the depth and value of our security offerings, Neustar was recognized with awards in three different categories:

“These awards are a tribute to our restless spirit of innovation in leveraging our assets and expertise to create security solutions that serve our clients and the broader industry,” said Brian McCann, President, Neustar Security Solutions. “All three of these winning solutions were introduced or significantly strengthened in 2020, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to help businesses stay ahead of threats.”

Neustar UltraThreat Feeds won the award for Network Security Solution of the Year, a category with 28 entries. These first-of-their-kind data feeds, introduced in January, identify potential threats in near real-time. They are created by utilizing machine learning and AI to analyze vast amounts of data, including DNS exhaust and additional data from Neustar’s Security Portfolio and OneID identity resolution platform.

The relevant data and insights that are uncovered can be ingested into a client’s existing platform to help security teams identify and block potential threats as they are emerging, limiting or even preventing damaging attacks. Available feeds identify malicious Domain Generation Algorithms (DGAs) and suspicious DNS tunneling attempts, pinpoint anonymous proxy servers, and help teams identify possible domain hijacks and counter phishing campaigns.

Neustar UltraWAF was recognized as Web Application Firewall of the Year over 17 other entrants. UltraWAF is a cloud-based web application protection service that was created in response to the growing prevalence of sophisticated attacks against web applications in today’s online environments. Many of these attacks go undetected and are not actively monitored due to resource or technology constraints.

UltraWAF addresses these issues, protecting against known risks like OWASP Top 10 and simplifying rules-based protection to respond effectively to attacks while accommodating your business practices. The solution is provider, hardware and CDN agnostic, so no matter where your web applications are hosted, they are protected. UltraWAF extends our award-winning UltraDDoS Protect solution to defend against even the most challenging web application threats, without impacting performance or adding complexity.

Neustar UltraGeoPoint, which took the One to Watch - Security Product award over 15 other entrants, is Neustar’s IP geolocation service. This market-leading service was significantly enhanced in 2020 to provide more granular, detailed insights into the location and connection status of both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, thanks to improvements in the performance of our global data collection network.

UltraGeoPoint enables companies to gain independent insights into a user’s physical location and how their device is connecting to the Internet. These insights allow clients to better enforce geofencing parameters to meet contractual and regulatory requirements, improve network security, reduce fraud and mitigate risk, and enhance the customer experience with better-targeted and localized content – all while meeting strict data privacy standards that satisfy GDPR and CCPA regulatory mandates.

We are honored to have earned these three awards from such a respected and important publication serving the UK and EU.

Please join us in celebrating this recognition of our hard work to meet the security needs of companies and organizations around the world!

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