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May 5th, 2016

Neustar Partners with Tomorrow Networks to Engage Healthcare Audiences on Mobile

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At this year’s Mobile Media Summit, on May 16 in New York City, Neustar and Tomorrow Networks executives will engage in a fireside chat to discuss the recent partnership between their companies. Formally announced in March, this partnership will allow marketers in the healthcare space to use Neustar AdAdvisor Audiences to deliver more personalized and relevant messaging to consumers’ mobile devices.

Together, our companies are building on an already highly-targeted, location-based approach to mobile engagement. With the addition of AdAdvisor Audiences’ rich behavioral insights, marketers can drive more value with hyper-relevant advertising at scale.

Tomorrow Networks enables health and healthy lifestyle marketers to identify audience segments using location-based data combined with other relevant information (such as demographic, condition prevalence, and drug formulary data) and reach them where consumers are increasingly spending their time — in mobile apps on their phones. The addition of AdAdvisor Audiences gives Tomorrow Networks’ clients an even richer multi-dimensional view of consumers. For example, a marketer can now add insights about what consumers buy, where they go, and how likely their household is to respond to a myriad of products.

The real goal: meeting people where they are, both in those moments when they’re thinking about their health — and, perhaps more importantly, when they’re not — with information that better matches their needs.

Here’s a timely example: spring allergies. To promote allergy solutions in April, a marketer might target discounts at mobile phones owned by adults 25-45 in cities where allergy medications have sold well in past years. Layer in audience segments from Tomorrow Networks’ database and precise geo-targeting at the point of care/sale, and the message becomes far more targeted and relevant.

And now, with AdAdvisor Audiences, these marketers can also reach people who meet the above criteria, have a high propensity for purchasing nasal sprays and eye drops, and/or who do one of the above and live in or travel to “Top 10 Allergy” cities.

Additionally, marketers can get creative with insights about whether consumers in any given geographic location shop more at CVS or Walgreens, buy more Flonase or Nasacort, or prefer Kleenex to generic tissue. Ultimately, all this effort translates into more people being able to better enjoy the springtime weather, instead of suffering from seasonal allergies.

This partnership represents AdAdvisor’s rapidly growing potential in both the healthcare and mobile advertising arenas. Previously untapped, the mobile market is ripe for exploration by healthcare marketers looking to connect with consumers in more relevant and precise ways. By combining healthcare-specific and geo-location data that’s unique to mobile devices with rich audience data available through AdAdvisor, Tomorrow Networks looks to deliver the right ads to the right people at the right time.

Learn more about the partnership at this year’s Mobile Media Summit, scheduled for May 16 in New York City. Hope to see you there! 

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