October 20th, 2016

Neustar Announces Free Recursive DNS Service

Good news – your Internet service just became faster and safer!

Speed thrills. Whether it’s something fast -- like a roller coaster -- or something quick -- like restaurant service -- it’s incredibly satisfying to immediately have what you wanted. This is especially true when it comes to the Internet, where speed rules and waiting can seem like dying a thousand deaths.

One of the biggest culprits for making people wait online lies in a little-known entity known as recursive servers. Recursive servers are sometimes referred to as “the first link in the DNS chain” because they’re responsible for storing and delivering the website address that a user types in. If the recursive server isn’t working as it should, then the website load time suffers, and irritability sets in. Not good!

But what is good, is Neustar’s plan to make slow, susceptible recursive servers a thing of the past.

Under a plan called “Free Recursive DNS,” Neustar is enabling end users and businesses to enjoy a reliable, faster and safer Internet experience. By utilizing its global, authoritative network of 30 nodes and proprietary technology that avoids the performance and security issues of BIND, Free Recursive DNS presents a significant upgrade to recursive server performance that languished under internet service providers.

In other words, here’s what Neustar’s Free Recursive DNS means for you and your organization:

1. Faster performance for end users to get to your site

2. Category blocking and increased threat protection from malware

3. Greater reliability that your website will be up and available

But it gets even better. Neustar is also offering the same service for families and households.

Neustar Free Recursive DNS allows families to wean their sole reliance on sometimes slow and unresponsive Internet Service Provider’s recursive servers. This means more family members can safely and quickly stream and download content without slowing the Internet experience for everybody.

For more information on how to make the switch to Neustar’s Free Recursive DNS

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