Today we announced that Neustar has signed a definitive agreement to acquire TARGUSinfo. This is a major event in the life of both companies.

The people who know both of us understand that billions of times every day Neustar and TARGUSinfo flawlessly help people find each other, connect to one another and share information across networks. There’s an overwhelming logic to our combination.

Neustar was created to ensure that when people move or change telephone carriers, they still can be reached at the same telephone number. Since the mid-90s, we have executed trillions of transactions and have become not only the trusted partner of the telecommunications industry, but also the stewards of the largest database of phone numbers in the world. Since Neustar’s founding, no one ever has had to worry that when they dialed their bank’s phone number they would reach a criminal enterprise hijacking the bank’s identity. When a phone rings, it rings where it is supposed to ring.

And over the years we’ve applied our expertise at managing large data sets, such as all the telephone numbers in the U.S. and Canada, to the Internet. Indeed, for a portion of the world’s Internet traffic, we ensure that when someone tries to reach a website, he reaches the website he wants—and does so as quickly as possible. You might not know that we’re there—but we are, and we enable the Internet, like the phone system, to work. This is why, when the movie studios were looking for a company to build UltraViolet™, the service that enables consumers to download movies they own to any device and on any network, Neustar was given the assignment. You probably have seen the commercials for the UltraViolet edition of Green Lantern, and just today, Warner Bros. released Horrible Bosses as a UltraViolet-supported title.

And as we’ve built and broadened our business, our customers—Internet, telecommunications, cable and media companies and advertisers—have come to rely on Neustar to provide them with valuable insights gained from their own data.

By combining with TARGUSinfo, which supports such fast-growing markets as lead verification, online display advertising and local search, we advance our goal of becoming a leading provider of decision support to our customers based on real-time, accurate information and analytics. Leveraging the two companies’ unique, secure information repositories and infrastructure to offer a broader range of real-time solutions to our customers gives Neustar valuable scale in a market that is both fragmented and fast-growing.

You see, both Neustar and TARGUSinfo manage databases that allow companies to find, connect and authenticate customers across the Internet and voice networks, whether fixed-line, cable or mobile. For example, TARGUSinfo is the largest provider of Caller ID services. If you think about what that means, today Neustar ensures that when a person dials a telephone number, that person gets connected to the right party. On the other end of the line, because of Caller ID information provided by TARGUSinfo, the person answering the phone can be confident that they are speaking with the correct person. By combining with TARGUSinfo, we can holistically provide information within the network, ensuring that each side of a transaction is who they say they are.

Both companies are trusted, neutral providers of services that enable people to communicate with one another—whether they’re phoning their mother, texting their friends, buying movies or books online or trying to reach customer service to solve a problem. Neustar measures the accurate answers it provides its customers in the billions each day, and so does TARGUSInfo.

Both Neustar and TARGUSinfo are cutting edge companies with old-fashioned values. Each company was forged in the early days of the Internet era and we both live the belief that protecting a consumer’s privacy is paramount. Our shared values are reflected in the way this transaction came together.

Neustar’s acquisition of TARGUSinfo wasn’t the result of an investment banker bringing one of us the idea. Our combination stems from a meal I had the pleasure of sharing last year with George Moore, who founded and built TARGUSinfo into the formidable company it is today.

Neustar and TARGUSinfo have known each other for years. We have a large set of customers in common and our headquarters are just a few miles apart. Over dinner, George and I both became excited about the possibilities of what our two companies could do together. Since then, our senior teams have grown equally excited about how, by bringing these complementary companies together, we can broaden the scope of the services we offer to a larger and more diversified customer base. By combining TARGUSinfo’s leadership in Caller ID and online information services, such as lead verification and scoring, with Neustar’s strengths in network information services, including address inventory management, network security, and marketing analytics, we will be able to greatly extend Neustar’s ability to provide its customers services based on unique, non-replicable datasets.

Those of us at Neustar are honored that George would entrust us with the company he created and built. We are excited about what we can do together. We share a belief that communication makes the world a better place and that together we can provide customers with even more valuable services.

It is a huge honor and an incredible responsibility for Neustar to acquire TARGUSinfo. We’re tremendously excited about the prospect of working with our new colleagues and will continue to foster the communications revolution that provides so many incredible services to consumers.