December 2nd, 2018

Neustar and TRUSTID collaboration addresses top call center challenges

Creating a trusted telephone environment for customers to confidently and securely purchase goods and services is a must in today’s business climate. After all, the contact center is still one of the most widely used channels for consumers worldwide.

Protecting your telephone channel and creating efficiencies that improve the customer experience requires solutions that can quickly and accurately authenticate callers. Our recent announcement with Neustar is designed to do just that.

By combining Neustar’s Risk Solutions with TRUSTID’s software-as-a-service products and services that allow contact centers to automatically authenticate callers before the call is answered provides comprehensive authentication solutions that will help drive further efficiency within call centers by increasing the precision for risk stratification of non-authenticated inbound calls.

As you know, TRUSTID’s caller authentication products use patented telephone network forensics to help financial institutions and other enterprises automatically authenticate callers to protect account access, prevent fraud, and comply with industry regulations. Our technology doesn’t rely on sensitive customer information or vulnerable personal information to validate callers. Instead, we leverage ownership-based authentication, one of the most powerful credentials for remote authentication, to validate genuine customers over the phone and spot suspicious and risky calls that need further investigation.

Bypassing conventional knowledge-based authentication (KBA) methods, which are costly and are no longer effective against advanced social engineering attacks, enables enterprises to identify callers faster so they can make quicker decisions that are critical to the success of their contact center operations.

Adding TRUSTID’s inbound caller engagement solutions that complement Neustar’s market-leading risk portfolio of real-time information services will help prevent inbound call manipulation.

Working together, Neustar and TRUSTID solutions instantly address some of the most pressing challenges facing call centers today.

Combining Neustar’s powerful identity data with TRUSTID’s patented caller authentication capabilities will provide the industry’s most comprehensive phone-centric fraud, risk and caller authentication solution that’s specifically designed to help enterprises maintain customer trust, reduce operating costs, minimize risk, and deliver a personalized customer experience. Down the road, our authentication technology will also be used for outbound calling, too.

By removing additional friction through improved caller matching and increasing authentication rates, enterprises will be able to leverage these solutions to achieve the next level of customer authentication to build trust and improve the customer experience within one of the most widely used customer engagement channel out there—the call center.

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