May 27th, 2021

Mitigating risk of fraud with joined forces of Nuance and Neustar

Originally published on Nuance.com

Nuance and Neustar have worked together for many years to help mitigate the risk of fraud among our common customers. Our partnership combines advanced voice biometrics with deterministic phone-based authentication to keep more fraudsters out of your corporate call center.

Corporate call centers face a range of challenges day in and day out, not the least of which is the near-constant attacks by increasingly sophisticated fraudsters. According to the FBI, cybercrimes cost everyday Americans a record $4.1 billion in 2020. But treating everyone as a suspect doesn’t create the customer experiences most organizations strive for; it also increases fraud-fighting costs unnecessarily.

For decades, Nuance has been on the front lines in the global fight against fraud, advancing biometric authentication technologies, innovating AI-powered fraud detection and prevention solutions, and partnering with other like-minded organizations as we help our customers mitigate their risk of fraud.

Nuance Gatekeeper is the first solution to combine advanced voice biometrics with deterministic phone-based authentication. In short, the technology not only confirms that the caller’s voice biometrics match those of the known customer, but it also determines whether the call has originated from the customer’s available device.

When a customer calls into your contact center, Nuance Gatekeeper utilizes Neustar Inbound Authentication to inspect the caller’s device and verify its legitimacy in real-time, even before your agent or IVR picks up the call. As the caller engages with your agent or IVR system, the voice and conversation biometrics technologies validate that the caller is, in fact, your customer, often eliminating the need to challenge customers with their knowledge-based security questions. (And be honest, do you remember which restaurant you told the bank was your favorite?) It’s a powerful combination that accurately and effectively flags high-risk calls for additional inspection and keeps the fraudsters out of your systems.

Nuance and Neustar have a long history of working shoulder-to-shoulder with our common customers, and our unified solution helps accelerate cross-industry adoption of multifactor authentication technology.

To learn more about Nuance Gatekeeper, visit this page.

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