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March 9th, 2016

Marketing Performance Measurement: A Q&A with Forrester Research

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Marketing measurement no longer hinges entirely on the customer’s last touchpoint. Nowadays, marketers seek a more sophisticated and nuanced approach to measurement—one that provides them with a unified view of customer interactions and enables them to develop complex cross-channel analytics. Using such an approach, marketers can hone their personalization efforts and ultimately engage more deeply with their customers.

To provide a better understanding of marketing performance measurement, Neustar recently commissioned Forrester Research to share its insights though a question-and-answer session with Tina Moffett, a senior analyst at Forrester. That session has been summarized in the newly released document, Forrester Q&A: Marketing Performance Measurement.

The Q&A explains:

  • The current state of marketing measurement

  • How to develop a marketing measurement strategy

  • The marketing measurement and insights tools available to help build a measurement strategy

  • The measurement workflow and organizational support needed to succeed

  • How to constantly improve standards in marketing measurement and insights

Download the document to learn how marketing performance measurement can help you to better understand customer interaction.

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