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March 16th, 2017

Follow the Lead of Tourney Winners, Ensure Your Team Is on Same Page

With the Madness now underway and most offices spending as much time paying attention to their brackets as they do their projects, it’s probably a good time to offer some advice on how you and your marketing team can take a cue from the best hoops teams in the country.

In this hyper-connected world, every day is game day when it comes to successfully connecting with customers. Each communication from your brand has to hit from beyond the 3-point line and score with your targeted audience. In “A GameDay Playbook to Win with Your Customers”, we provide all the information you need to set up your team for success.

In the playbook, you’ll discover how to …

  • Overcome the Top 5 challenges holding your team back
  • How to get the executive team to buy into your marketing strategy
  • Build trust and improve communication between teammates

One of the most valuable pieces of advice is ensuring everyone is on the same page. Basketball teams are at their best when everyone on the court knows where their teammates are going to be and can anticipate their movement. By flawlessly executing the play call, they set themselves up to get the shot that’s most likely to find the bottom of the net.

Your marketing team is no different. When you align everyone on the marketing strategy, all the players know what’s coming, know what to expect, and can see the vision. Plus, it clearly defines the goals for the executive team and other departments. When everyone is pulling in the same direction, you’re far more likely to turn an off-balance heave at the buzzer into an uncontested layup, giving you more wins with your customers.

To read everything the GameDay Playbook has to offer, download it here.

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