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April 16th, 2014

Making customer service your call center’s top priority

How important is customer service to your bank? Consider this: If 68 percent of customers leave a business when they’re upset with how they were treated, customer service is something all financial institutions should place at the top of their priority list.

In the article, “4 Tips to Modernizing Your Call Center Customer Experience From Start to Finish,” making the call center more efficient and effective can have a positive impact on everything from customer retention, customer satisfaction and the overall success of sales. And it all starts with the customer experience.

Let’s start with Harris Interactive. Eye-opening statistics from the marketing research firm found that:

  • 89% of consumers switch to another brand after a bad customer experience 
  • 60% of consumers will pay more for a better experience with a brand
  • 13% of unsatisfied customers share their story with more than 20 people (White House Office of Consumer Affairs) 

Frankly, these numbers should not surprise anyone. Yet, of the 59 percent of calls that require identify verification, contact center expert, ContactBabel, reported that only three percent are handled through automated processes today. So why are we still doing things the hard, expensive way?

When it comes to improving the customer experience, it seems counterproductive to do anything but automate the authentication process. Trying to manually determine the risk of a call is slow, unreliable, and impacts the profitable bank-customer relationship. In today’s call center environment, relying on interrogation-focused knowledge-based authentication (KBA) methods to identify customers over the telephone channel will only contribute to the numbers mentioned above.

The answer to keeping your customers happy all comes down to, well, your customers. With the call center still a valuable source for customer service and interaction, exceeding your customers’ expectations around resolving issues within a safe and efficient environment is a step in the right direction. The TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication solution allows banks to do just that -- make customer service a priority.

Using real-time automated caller authentication, we validate inbound calls before they are answered. Doing this removes the need for call center agents to spend loads of time asking security questions, which disrupt the customer experience. Instead, bank reps can begin serving customers when the phone is picked up. By resolving issues faster, agents can start building stronger relationships with your customers and learn more about what makes them happy, two key components to creating a better overall banking experience.

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