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January 23rd, 2017

January 26 Webinar – How to Better Arm Your Network Defenses

It’s no secret: the network security perimeter has drastically changed. Globally, employees are connecting a multitude of devices to their employer’s network, dramatically widening the exposure of DNS to malware and security threats. Without properly functioning DNS, your Internet-based resources may disappear, wiping out your credibility and visibility.

To make matters worse, the explosion of BYOD policies are leaving IT professionals are left scratching their heads, wondering if there’s a realistic way to safeguard their DNS and secure their networks.

Good news: there is!

On January 26, Neustar is hosting a free webinar aimed at helping IT professionals learn how to better defend and fortify network defenses. In the webinar, participants will learn:

•Ways to quickly identify and block security threats in advance

•Steps to effectively prevent access to malicious websites and unwanted content

•Reduce time-to-resolution for malware infections and security clean-ups

•How to add an extra layer of security and improve performance without the need for costly appliances or installations

As the global threat landscape continues to shift and new threats emerge, it’s critically important to protect your DNS and defend your digital presence. Learn how by clicking here to register for the webinar

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