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July 9th, 2021

Introducing the Lock & Shield Podcast: Connecting the Dots, Exposing Threats and Navigating Cybersecurity

Say hello to Lock & Shield, the new podcast from Neustar that covers all things digital security – and all the ways they intersect with trends in business, government and society at large.

Lock & Shield examines deeply technical issues – the nuts and bolts of cybersecurity. But you don’t have to be deeply technical to find these podcasts interesting and engaging, and come away with important new insights.

Each episode brings together subject matter experts and listeners in a collaborative space for lively discussions and eye-opening – even mind-blowing – ideas and revelations. You’ll also pick up lots of usable, practical insights and proven best practices that can help you better secure your organization against the kaleidoscopic and constantly changing threats you face.

We’ve even made room for off-beat tidbits that will power great water-cooler conversations. Do you know, for example, the link between hacking the AT&T phone network in the ‘60s, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, and Captain Crunch cereal? (Find out in episode 2!)

You can listen to the first two podcasts here – and sign up to receive notifications when new episodes are available.

Here’s what you’ll find waiting for you right now:

Episode 1 – COVID-19 and Streaming Media: After the huge surge in subscribers, what does the future look like?

Join a wide-ranging discussion with Paige Enoch, product manager for UltraGeoPoint and UltraReputation, that focuses on the different ways the pandemic has affected how we consume entertainment and other content.

We’ll cover what it all means for movie theaters, studios, and streaming providers like Disney+, Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and YouTube TV – now and in the future (don’t expect the eye-popping growth rates to continue). You’ll also learn how – and why – these streamers rely on IP decisioning data to deliver content more accurately, validate licensing rights and curb password sharing, and how the data can be applied in other industries.

Episode 2 Ransomware: To pay or not to pay. The moral dilemma of the 21st century.

Should an organization paralyzed by a ransomware attack pay to regain access to its own data? Some federal and state government agencies are actively discouraging ransom payments. But what if a hospital can’t access critical patient records? Or, say, a pipeline company can’t transport gasoline to a whole region of the country?

This episode examines how COVID 19 has affected cybersecurity, and the deepening challenges it’s meant for companies in every industry. You’ll hear about the collateral damage of ransom attacks, including data breaches and exfiltration, as well as other growing threats like cyber espionage, election interference and attacks on critical infrastructure. And we zero in on solutions that can help you protect your digital assets, and ways to incorporate them into your security infrastructure.

In upcoming episodes, you’ll learn about the recent increase in DDoS extortion attacks and how you can prepare for them. We’ll also survey the evolution of the cyberthreat landscape with Forrester analyst Brian Kime.

Check out lockandshield.neustar to receive notifications of new episodes and listen to the podcasts now available. You can also submit ideas for future episodes – and we definitely welcome your suggestions.

You can find Lock & Shield on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Check it out – it’s perfect for your commute. (It’s coming baaack!)

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