September 8th, 2020

Integration with Google’s Verified Calls Signals New Era of Trusted Calling

STIR/SHAKEN call authentication is a major step towards curtailing call spoofing and robocalling, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg in terms of transforming the phone channel. Rather, it’s the idea of combining rich call data with STIR/SHAKEN call authentication that’s really generating excitement. Providing a personalized, branded experience by adding logos, targeted messaging, and more – backed by an assurance that the call has been authenticated – gives customers, prospects, and partners a reason to answer the phone.

Displaying images and other contextual information on phone call has been technically possible for a while. However, without the ability to verify the identity of the caller or ensure that the phone number is not being spoofed, a branded call experience simply lets fraudulent calls become… more attractive fraudulent calls. And possibly more likely to succeed.

Some solutions in the market are beginning to offer rich all experiences using proprietary authentication technologies. Could they work?  Perhaps. But it requires that everyone implement this proprietary technology. Is that possible?  Yes, but not only are the integrations proprietary and don’t scale, the ability to show up across multiple carriers and phone models are similarly isolated and don’t scale either.

All eyes are on STIR/SHAKEN as the anointed call authentication technology because phone companies are being required by the FCC to implement it by June 2021, backed by federal legislation known as the TRACED Act. This means it will be ubiquitous.
In light of this, an important milestone is Google’s newly released Verified Calls. Neustar has integrated our Trusted Call Solutions suite of solutions with Google Verified Calls to help transform the call experience, improve answer rates and engagement on outbound calls, and restore consumer trust in the phone channel.

Read our press release to learn more.

Google Verified Calls will initially be available in the U.S., Brazil, India, Mexico, and Spain, with expansion to additional countries planned in the near future. The privacy-secure Verified Calls feature is available on Google’s Phone app, which comes preloaded on many Android devices. For more information about the new service, see the Google Verified Calls website at g.co/cloud/verified-calls.

Knowledge is power.
By integrating with Google Verified Calls, Neustar’s Trusted Call Solutions will help consumers make informed decisions about whether or not to answer incoming calls in four ways:      

  • Verification: It signals that a business and the phone numbers that it uses have been vetted, so its identity is legitimate.
  • Authentication: Each call uses digital certificates known as STIR/SHAKEN to sign and certify that the caller ID has not been compromised.
  • Branding: It shows the brand’s logo or identity, which helps aid recognition and recall. 
  • Context: It gives the user the information they need, including the reason the business is calling.

The rich call data design builds upon the STIR framework for secure telephone identity. While the rich call data tells the called party who’s calling, the STIR/SHAKEN component verifies that the number, and the data, have not been spoofed.

The technology behind rich call data.
To break down the process, an enterprise looking to offer a branded call experience works with a solutions provider like Neustar to verify that they are a legitimate business, and certify that they have the right to use all the phone numbers to place calls. Once validated, the enterprise can then add rich call data such as brand name and logo, as well as specifying the various calling reasons for the phone numbers, using a centralized caller identity management portal.

When the enterprise places a call, Neustar’s call authentication solution signs the call, and passes the STIR/SHAKEN PASSporT along the rich call data which is presented to the called party through software on their mobile phone. In the case of Google Verified Calls, it’s their Android phones.

The authentication of the call, assembly of the rich content, and presentation to the user takes place in the blink of an eye. With this feature, enterprises get complete control over how their brand is presented, with the added assurance for the consumer that the call has not been spoofed.

Neustar’s integration with Google extends Verified Calling as an option to the thousands of enterprise that rely on Neustar’s identity solutions across a variety of industry sectors, both private and public, including financial services, healthcare, insurance, travel, retail, education, technology, and state government. 

Neustar provides a single standards-based interface through which enterprises can sign all outbound calls via STIR/SHAKEN and deliver branded call display experiences across their carrier and technology partners, without the need to develop separate, proprietary, and non-scalable interfaces. Learn more by reading Google's blog post about Verified Calls, and visit our Trusted Call Solutions Center.


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