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January 26th, 2016

From Brew Sipping to Grunge Listening: Political Insights You Have to See to Believe

Heading into Election 2016, it’s important to understand hot button issues like healthcare and immigration. But if you’re looking for a catchy conversation starter, it’s just as important to know what people watch on TV and whether they prefer dogs to cats.

Similarly, political campaigns and advocacy groups need to find personal, real-world conversation starters when they seek to reinforce or expand their support base. Our latest infographic, Party Favorites 2016, highlights the kind of insights that savvy strategists can use to hone in on the right constituents for their messages.

Highlighting data from Neustar's AdAdvisor Political Audiences, these insights shed light on how the behavior of registered Democrats and Republicans compares to that of the average American. For example, did you know that compared to the average American, Republicans are more likely to own iPhones and Democrats more likely to use Twitter? The infographic illustrates a number of eye-opening insights about registered voters in 2015. This kind of data brings strategists one step closer to better understanding what makes people tick and using that understanding to connect with and expand their support base.

One insight you won’t find in the infographic?… Republicans and Democrats enjoy wine equally. Maybe we’re not so different after all.

Keep scrolling for a peek at what’s happening in this party house.

info graphic illustration showing differences in political party attributes

Download the full infographic.

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