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April 17th, 2019

Impressions from the PACE Annual Conference and Expo 2019

The Neustar team had an eventful and productive week at the PACE Annual Conference and Expo last week in San Antonio. It was wonderful to connect with many great people and vendors that support the contact center market. 

We are grateful that PACE selected Neustar’s TRUSTID Authenticator as the 2019 Technovation award winner. This award recognizes innovation in products and services within the industry. Since 2014, TRUSTID Authenticator has been protecting consumers from criminal account takeovers. The service uses a forensic approach to inspect calls from within the global telephone network to ensure phone calls to a contact center are not spoofed, virtualized, or manipulated. Authenticator automatically and accurately identifies trusted callers before their calls are answered, allowing them to be fast-tracked for better, faster service and resulting in a significantly reduced need for customer identity interrogation. We’re excited every day to help our customers better protect their customers’ accounts—and to make life very difficult for fraudsters at the same time! 

Now that Authenticator is part of the Neustar Inbound Authentication suite, the solution can also connect unmatched ANIs to the Neustar OneID system—for instance, if a consumer calls in from their cell phone, but the CRM has their landline number on file. This dramatically improves the ANI match rate, and combined with the power of Authenticator, it supercharges inbound contact center efficiency.

My personal highlight of PACE ACX was participating on a panel session titled Texas Size Results: Using Compliance to Drive Operational Excellence. The panel covered a lot of ground, from the GDPR to multi-factor authentication compliance, with the discussion focused on the operational benefits that result from strong compliance. We certainly see that concept with our clients, as they both strengthen and automate authentication. On the panel with me was David Tuomikowski from USAA. David discussed the ways USAA has incorporated both phone inspection and voice biometrics into a layered multi-factor authentication approach.

I had not been to San Antonio for almost 30 years. Before heading home, I had just enough time to visit the Alamo and stroll along the River Walk. I’m looking forward to next year’s PACE ACX and to the next conference I get to attend in San Antonio. I hope it won’t be another 30 years. 

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