February 19th, 2021

Identify Corporate Proxies with UltraGeoPoint: Fewer False Positives, Better Customer Experience

False positives.

When you’re dealing with external cyber threats, they may not seem as urgent as immediate threats to your online business or network infrastructure.

But if you’re a cybersecurity pro who has to waste time and energy running down false threats – or a legitimate customer who gets mistakenly locked out of their account because of a “false positive” – they’re a very real problem.

That’s why data that can reduce false positives while keeping customers happy is a huge benefit to an organization.

UltraGeoPoint now delivers that benefit with the ability to identify corporate proxies. It provides customers with new, powerful IP decisioning insight into traffic originating from large organizations.

How identifying corporate proxies reduces false positives. IP addresses with sustained high traffic rates are a red flag for security tools. It’s simply not a pattern that’s typical for fixed line, human-generated traffic. A high-traffic IP might be part of an attempted Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. It might be a server, or scraper, or part of a malicious botnet.

As a result, a connection coming from such an IP is likely to trigger automated cyber watchdogs that security conscious organizations have in place, such as:

  • A threat detection model that evaluates incoming connections to your website or network and immediately alerts security professionals when it detects anything identified as suspicious, likely triggering a time-consuming investigation
  • A real-time decisioning workflow that evaluates incoming user connections to decide what kind of access and services to offer – and blocks any that are identified as suspicious, or at least requires additional authentication from the user

But what if that high-traffic IP is not a threat?

What if it’s a corporate proxy – an edge node or nexus point for traffic traveling to and from a corporate network? They generate consistently high volumes because they consolidate traffic from so many individual users.

If only you were able to determine that the high-traffic IP was actually a corporate proxy, your security team wouldn’t have wasted time, effort and resources investigating a non- threat, and a legitimate customer or user accessing your website from work wouldn’t have been blocked or slowed down by a lengthy authentication process.

If only you had UltraGeoPoint. UltraGeoPoint is the authoritative source for IP decisioning data, delivering more than 40 instantaneous, IP-derived insights about user devices connecting to a website or network.

These insights include geographic location, down to the city or even postal code; information about anonymizing proxies, if one is in use; the organization to which the device IP is registered; and information about how it’s connecting to the Internet.

One of the data fields providing connection insights is “IP routing type,” such as cable, DSL, mobile gateway or satellite– and now, corporate proxy.

With this new data enhancement, whenever a user or customer accesses your digital domain via a corporate proxy, your automated security tools will be able to decision on the corporate proxy value to determine that they’re not a threat.

No more false positives from high-traffic corporate proxy IPs.

Moreover, since UltraGeoPoint covers virtually all routable IPv4 and IPv6 addresses worldwide, with no user input or opt-in required, it provides insights – and reduces false positives – for almost every possible incoming connection. It also delivers these insights in near real time, so there’s no lag or slow-down for innocent traffic.

Curated, current data. When your goal is to eliminate false positives, you don’t want to do it with noisy data. That’s why Neustar has invested so much time – close to a decade – to build and refine our unmatched expertise in IP decisioning data.

We use both automated and manual collection methods to ingest vast amounts of data about virtually every IP address worldwide, leveraging our own global data collection network as well as reliable data from trusted partners. We analyze it continuously using sophisticated algorithms that have been constantly improved and refined based on our experience as well as a closed loop feedback methodology that is second to none.

Our efforts are led by a team of dedicated Network Geography Analysts who are deeply experienced in the world of IP allocation and data analysis. Our IP determinations are continually reviewed and confirmed by an extensive QA program that utilizes both manual processes and automated tools to ensure that your data is accurate and current.

And we’re constantly working to improve it. We recently added a new data field that identifies private VPN services by name when users connect through one.

We know that countless organizations around the world rely on UltraGeoPoint for IP decisioning insights to reduce fraud, detect threats, ensure regulatory and licensing compliance and deliver a better and more personalized customer experience.

And now, to reduce false positives.

To learn more about how you can incorporate the important, independent insights available through UltraGeoPoint IP decisioning data, contact us or give us a call at 1-855-898-0036 in the US or +44 1784 448444 in the UK.

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