March 28th, 2022

How GM is Retooling its Marketing Capabilities to Meet Ambitious Objectives

At the 2021 Brave New Worlds summit, Ajay Kapoor, GM Global Director, Performance-Driven Marketing, shared his thoughts on the company's bold, ambitious marketing analytics journey with Neustar EVP Dorean Kass.

Check out the full conversation right here. You’ll learn how GM is:

Putting Customer Trust at the Center of Everything - “From the vehicle itself to the purchase experience and onwards, our ability to build customer trust is hypercritical,” says Kapoor. In a world where third-party cookies and other device identifiers are going away, top brands are in a race to ramp up their first-party data initiatives, increase dynamic capabilities, and strengthen their competitive advantage. But without a clear strategy in place for data privacy, trust, and consent, collecting first-party data can spell doom for even the most tech-savvy organization. You want customers to “understand how marketing is working harder for them,” as Kapoor puts it, and be absolutely confident that the brand they’re entrusting with their likes and preferences is a good steward for that personal data.

Investing in Best-in-Class Data, Tools, and Analytics - Kapoor doesn’t see the purchase experience as a funnel, but rather as a cylinder. Data and insights need to flow in both directions to fully inform the modern, omnichannel sales cycle. That’s why GM is investing heavily in not just collecting rich first-party data, but cleansing and activating that data with the best tools available. As Kapoor points out, “You’ve got the data. You’ve got the tools. Now, how are you going to actually drive the decisions?” GM has been working hard to harmonize its analytics stack, in particular by unifying its Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) and Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) capabilities, and by looking beyond individuals to cohort-based marketing. According to Kapoor, “It’s been a game changer.”

Redefining How Success Gets Measured and Presented - For data-driven enterprise marketers today, the rules of engagement are changing. The ecosystem is getting more complex by the minute, and pressure from the C-suite is relentless. Gone are the days of defining success in the marketing strategy of an organization using campaign reach alone, or engagement metrics that are loosely aligned with important business outcomes like sales, ROI, or customer lifetime value. To close the gap between marketing and business goals, Kapoor and his team are in constant communication with the rest of the GM organization, and they work hard on their analytics storytelling. They're not afraid to dive deep into elaborate measurement data to find actionable insights, but simplifying those insights and translating them into “visceral stories” is just as important. For Kapoor, performance-driven marketing is as much art as it is science.

We’re honored to be working with Kapoor and his team to help GM expand its data-driven marketing capabilities. Together, we’re redefining how one of the top brands in the world is interacting with its customers and capitalizing on new opportunities. Please contact us, and we’ll show you how we can take you on a similar journey and improve your customer experience.

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