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October 5th, 2017

Getting the Right Message to the Right Customer: Driving 20 Billion Global Interactions

Mobile messaging is the preferred communication for both businesses and consumers. With a 98% open rate, versus the 20% open rate for email, the precision of the telephone number being messaged is crucial.

Successful SMS delivery requires the correct identification of the current service provider. However, the issue many global businesses face when incorrect information is used, is that important messages aren’t getting routed correctly. When messages are sent to the wrong service provider, additional fees — which can add up quickly — are incurred to process the request to the correct provider network.

Whether you are a financial institution sending transaction notifications, a retailer sending delivery appointment notifications, or an online application using multi-factor authentication to verify a customers’ identity, the accurate and cost-efficient routing is a critical component to both your customer’s satisfaction and your businesses’ success.

GSMA PathFinder, powered by Neustar, is a real-time telephone number look-up service that authoritatively identifies the world’s in-use fixed and mobile numbers by operator, corrected with updates from the 4.6 billion phone numbers subject to portability.

With global coverage in over 240 countries, and continuous number plan updates, you can route and deliver messages anywhere in the world. GSMA PathFinder is an industry-wide solution that adheres to strict query processing times, providing 99.999% service availability to support quality customer experiences and reduction in costs.

Take a look here to see how SMS service provider Esendex ensured the successful routing of their SMS messages using the GSMA PathFinder service.

In 2017, GSMA PathFinder reached a significant milestone by expanding its support to more than 20 billion customer interactions annually. In addition, during the second half of 2017, 15 new countries will be added to the growing list of localities, including the Czech Republic, Turkey, Austria and Croatia.

Gain the confidence others already enjoy through the use of this carrier grade, proven solution. To find out more about the GSMA PathFinder service and the variety of different applications, click here

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