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August 13th, 2015

​Get a Fast & Free Evaluation of Your Marketing Allocations with MarketShare SpendCheck

How effective are your marketing investments...really? Could you be generating more revenue by shifting allocations? And how does your mix compare to your peer group companies?

MarketShare’s new free online tool can help put your marketing investments on the right track and will forecast the bottom-line impact of potential changes.

MarketShare SpendCheck is a great place for enterprise as well as midsize marketers—and their agency partners—to get a quick view of their marketing plan effectiveness for free. It’s a fast online diagnostic tool that shows you how your marketing plan compares to others in your industry, and includes a snapshot view of how to optimize investments across online and offline media channels such as TV, paid search, digital display, online video, radio, print and others. It’s a simple way to know where you may be under- or over-invested; and how making changes might impact revenue.

SpendCheck is powered by the same MarketShare DecisionCloud platform used by many of the world’s leading brands to guide mission-critical marketing decisions. It leverages MarketShare’s own proprietary data representing thousands of analytic studies, with customized results for 33 different industries.

To use SpendCheck, you only need to provide a small amount of basic information about your products, company, marketing mix and customers. You’ll then receive a free, customized SnapShot Report that includes high-level marketing investment analysis, recommended changes and potential contributions to revenue. The report is generated on the spot and can be downloaded or viewed online.

Try SpendCheck now. It’s a fast way to directionally answer one of marketing’s most vexing questions: How effective is my plan?

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