April 28th, 2021

GeoAnalytics Reporting: Unprecedented Insights into Your IP Traffic

Businesses rely on UltraGeoPoint IP decisioning data as an irreplaceable source of insights for real-time decisioning flows that reduce risks and improve the customer experience by managing online interactions as they occur, one by one, in real time.

Now UltraGeoPoint can also provide uniquely powerful, high-level insights into your overall IP traffic with GeoAnalytics Reporting. It’s a completely different and remarkably revealing perspective on your users, delivered in highly intuitive visual charts and backed by detailed supporting data capturing a full month of user interactions.

GeoAnalytics Reporting uncovers critical patterns and trends involving your users that you may never have seen before, with important use cases in a range of applications spanning multiple business functions.

Let me show you what I mean. This GeoAnalytics Reporting chart breaks down the top 10 countries for user device IPs.

Usage by Worldwide Country

ip address chart

You can instantly see how this information could raise important questions for your enterprise. Did you know you had so many users in Asia? Can you serve them effectively? Do any of these sources present a risk from the perspective of compliance, licensing or fraud prevention?

With GeoAnalytics Reporting, you have hard data to help answer these questions, and act accordingly.

The data behind the insights. GeoAnalytics Reporting aggregates user data from UltraGeoPoint – the authoritative source for independent, instantaneously available insights about website or network visitors based solely on the IP address of their device.

The insights are derived from a robust and highly accurate geolocation database that covers 99.99% of all routable IPv4 and IPv6 addresses worldwide. It is supported by a global data collection network and curated by specialized, experienced Network Geography Analysts, who ensure it is updated and tested continuously to deliver the most current and accurate decisioning data.

UltraGeoPoint includes multiple data points on the geographic location of an IP address, including county, state, city and, in some cases, postal code. In addition, it captures important and useful information about how each device connects to the Internet – also incorporated in GeoAnalytics Reporting, as in these examples:

Top 20 Organizations

ip address chart

This chart depicts the organizations that are responsible for user IPs, including ISPs, government agencies, businesses, educational organizations and VPN providers. It provides useful insights into the entities that connect your users to your services. You can immediately see which organizations, if any, represent a majority of the IPs you have queried. Do you expect to see one organization responsible for most of your traffic, or a relatively equal representation across organizations? Are most of your users connecting from IPs allocated to an educational institution, a government agency, or a well-known ISP?

Beyond these questions, this chart can also help you evaluate if your users are more likely to be connecting from a professional or home setting. By understanding the network environments and institutions your users favor, you can both provide valuable information to your IT team and better understand your users.

Anonymizer Status

ip address chart

For many businesses, this chart will be invaluable. It shows the status of anonymizing connections used to reach your website. The percentages in the chart focus only on those users with anonymizing connections, recording the percentage for each status – including suspect anonymizers that should raise alarms. The supporting data also includes the number and percentage of users whose anonymizer status could not be determined or who are not using one.

GeoAnalytics Reporting covers seven different dimensions of your traffic, including three with geographic data – country, state and city – and four different aspects of user connections. See examples of all seven here.

Each report captures a full month of user traffic. You can choose to create reporting for any of the previous three months, making it easier to identify and track trends over time in your traffic.

Important Applications and Use Cases. With its unique and revealing overviews – created using authoritative, independent data gathered without user input – GeoAnalytics Reporting can make valuable contributions throughout your organization.

  • IT Security can easily track patterns in user locations, routing types, organizations and anonymizing connections
  • Fraud Prevention teams can quantify and track use of anonymizers as well as trends involving user locations associated with higher rates of fraud
  • Legal and Compliance specialists can monitor user locations to ensure compliance with content licensing and regulatory/privacy mandates
  • OTT and Streaming Media Content providers can track user locations against geographic licenses, monitor use of anonymizing connections, and easily track trends in both
  • Gaming and Gambling operators can monitor player locations against gambling licenses and track the use of anonymizing proxy connections
  • Customer Experience and Marketing teams can gain insights into where users live and how they connect to inform their work for the website and throughout the enterprise

In these and other specialized use cases relevant to your enterprise, GeoAnalytics Reporting quickly and intuitively reveals patterns that were previously hidden and evolving trends that might otherwise go unnoticed to improve security, prevent fraud, monitor licensing compliance and improve the customer experience.

It adds an important new dimension to the value and utility of UltraGeoPoint – the standard of excellence in IP decisioning data.

To learn more about how you can incorporate the important, independent insights available through UltraGeoPoint IP decisioning data – including uniquely revealing traffic insights with GeoAnalytics Reporting – contact us or give us a call at 1-855-898-0036 in the US or +44 1784 448444 in the UK.

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