The transformation to all-IP networks is well underway for communications service providers (CSPs). Each week brings news of mergers and acquisitions that require network consolidation, progress reports on network upgrade projects and the retirement of network elements and systems no longer needed or used.

Yet despite the fast pace of change, network transformation is far from complete and will continue for the foreseeable future. Neustar has safely navigated this journey with customers many times. Along the way, we’ve identified best practices and key planning considerations, which are outlined in our new eBook “Network Transformation: A Guide to Planning Your Journey to All-IP.” It’s yours to download free right now.

This e-book takes an end-to-end view of network transformation—beyond switches and services—to examine the impact and the opportunities that transitioning to an all-IP network can have for customers, internal processes and marketing efforts.

The guide pays particular attention to best practices before, during and after a network transformation project. For example, it explains how a holistic planning approach can minimize negative impacts on customers, business processes and billing systems. Enabling a smoother transition during the transformation process enables CSPs to focus on critical objectives such as driving more value from their new IP technology, acquiring new subscribers and optimizing network traffic.

Transformation impacts every aspect of a CSP’s business, especially efforts to increase awareness and drive sales to existing and new customers. CSPs have an abundance of data that can be augmented to help better understand customer buying behaviors, improve their marketing campaigns and create better offers for their services. This eBook outlines how marketing efforts should not be overlooked in the transformation planning and execution process.

To learn more about the important considerations and key challenges facing CSPs along the road to all-IP transformation—and how Neustar can help CSPs complete that journey more effectively — download the free eBook today.