February 17th, 2022

Four ways to start solving the off-net circuit trouble ticketing dilemma

Stable and reliable network connectivity is essential for Communications Service Providers' (CSPs) business customers. And with 93% of customers likely to make repeat purchases with companies that deliver excellent customer service, CSPs do everything possible to ensure reliable, on-time service across their entire network footprint.

However, when off-net circuits create problems and delays, these issues can damage a provider’s reputation and result in lost business. When troubles arise, everyone, from the off-net provider to the service provider to the business customer wants fast and complete resolution. But reporting service issues to an off-net provider isn’t as simple as it should be. Instead, it’s a labor-intensive, time-consuming, and costly process that often results in resolution delays and customer experience impacts. 

As service providers transform their back-office systems, off-net trouble ticket management is an area that shouldn’t be ignored. By choosing a solution that automates the exchange of data between service providers and the off-net carriers they work with, everyone can reduce the time, complexity and errors associated with trouble reporting and issue resolution with multiple network suppliers.

The good news is there are steps CSPs can take, and solutions that will help.

When it comes to network connectivity, trouble is certain. 

Intercarrier post-order service issues often require service providers to issue trouble tickets to each other, including:

  • Service outages
  • Frame or Packet loss
  • Jitter
  • Static on the line
  • Limited bandwidth

While sophisticated trouble ticketing systems exist for on-network circuits, when it comes to getting issues resolved for off-net circuits, operations are not as advanced, often still relying on emails and phone calls.

A solution for faster issue reporting and resolution.

Neustar Trouble Administration (TAM), available to our customers via the Universal Order Connect (UOC) platform, simplifies and automates trouble reporting between carriers. With 83% of customers saying they feel more brand loyalty to companies that respond to and resolve complaints, TAM is an essential tool for faster issue reporting and resolution to improve the customer experience. 

TroubleAdmin is fully integrated with the Neustar UOC platform, which provides seamless quote-to-cash order management. The new API-driven trouble ticket reporting module creates a single, standardized interface that automates the exchange of trouble ticket data for off-net circuits, facilities, and network elements across Broadband, TDM, Ethernet and related services. And it’s all part of one platform that simplifies and automates the entire wholesale intercarrier process from serviceability and quoting to ordering and ticketing. Service Providers can implement TAM on the wholesale sell-side to provide a streamlined and simplified way for their customers to submit trouble reports. And TAM can be implemented by service providers on their buy-side to simplify and automate the submission of trouble reports to their network suppliers. 

GTT COO Don MacNeil, who engaged Neustar, states, “Automating order entry and ticket resolution with our third-party access suppliers is a great example of the meaningful ways we’re differentiating the customer experience through operational excellence.”  

Read the press release: GTT launches Global Network Services Ordering Platform to Streamline Order Processing and Ticket Resolution for Third-Party Circuits.

Here are 4 ways UOC TroubleAdmin can help:

  • Automate the exchange of trouble tickets: Reducing the manual steps and improving the accuracy of trouble ticket reporting between buyers and sellers of wholesale services can significantly reduce the time, complexity, and number of errors. In addition, upfront pre-submission and validation of data ensures tickets meet the carrier-specific business rules before tickets are submitted.
  • Organize the bi-directional flow of data: Streamlining the interconnection between multiple trading partners by eliminating the need for emails, phone calls, and multiple logins and user portals to a single interface will reduce the complexity and swivel-chair process many providers deal with today. Systems that include dashboard visibility with dynamic, real-time views enable the service provider to monitor status updates and resolution quickly and easily. 
  • Escalate issues before they become problems: Reducing delays in getting service restored results in happier customers and more revenue. With process control improvements, configurable and automated escalations, and customizable notifications, problem resolution times can be greatly reduced.
  • Analyze and track ticket performance: Lowering operating costs is top of mind for all communications service providers today. One of the best ways to do so happens when you have access to reliable business intelligence. A centralized reporting platform for submitting tickets is essential, enabling users to track, monitor, and report on the performance of off-net suppliers and circuits.

Want to learn more? 
Download the UOC TroubleAdmin solution sheet here. You can also watch the on-demand webinar, New Trends in Buying and Selling Wholesale Connectivity, to learn how CSPs are automating to gain the competitive edge. Email uoc@team.neustar today, and we’ll put you in touch with one of our network connectivity experts.

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