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March 23rd, 2015

Forbes Interviews Neustar on the Evolution of Marketing

CEO Lisa Hook and I recently had the pleasure of a conversation with Forbes contributor John Ellett. We talked about how Neustar is helping to modernize marketing efforts with the sheer power of data—certainly apropos, given John's inspiring book, the CMO Manifesto, and the new book he's writing about the next generation of marketing. With his penchant for stories about challenges to the marketing status quo, John’s conversation with us highlighted the exciting things we’re doing with data at Neustar.

One thing in particular we touched on, which isn't widely known, was how as a company we’ve leveraged our preexisting operation in telephone routing to build out an entire business in marketing and security data and analytics services. Coupled with the unexpected significance of diaper bags in a recent marketing campaign, it all made for a great conversation.

Curious to know more? Read the full interview in Forbes, where Lisa Hook and I speak in depth about Neustar's role in the evolution of marketing.

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