August 12th, 2021

Five Reasons to Brand Your Calls and Authenticate Them with STIR/SHAKEN

The phone channel remains a vital component of the omnichannel customer experience.  In the Omdia survey, Rebuilding Trust in Calls, 2021, 83 percent of respondents said phone calls remain an important way to reach customers. In fact, it’s often the preferred channel for complex issues, and provides the opportunity to connect with customers and nurture relationships. 

But it’s no secret that the phone has lagged other digital channels, and the 340 percent rise in robocalls in the past four years, as reported by Juniper Research in their whitepaper, Brand Authentication and Call Experience Management, 2021, helps explain why customers just don’t feel comfortable answering the phone. 

Omdia also reports that 90 percent of survey respondents indicated that more than 20 percent of their calls were blocked, and 82 percent were marked as spam in the past six months – possibly a result of well-intentioned analytics. 

Read the full OMDIA report here.

The good news is that those problems can be addressed with the introduction of branded calling. Neustar’s Branded Call Display (BCD) is an innovative, breakthrough technology that lets enterprises across all industries add context to the mobile display, including logo, location, social media links, reason for the call and more. 

Neustar’s BCD empowers customers with the information they need to decide if they want to answer, helping increase answer rates by up to 56 percent, while ensuring calls are authenticated with STIR/SHAKEN. That means, the call is legitimate, and can be trusted. But more than that, BCD offers an opportunity to improve the customer experience, increase revenues, and transform the phone channel.

Meeting the needs of many industries.
Whatever the industry, branded calling can address its unique pain points. Here are some examples:

Government agencies must be nimble to deliver critical services across the nation―services that often save lives. But, conveying critical information by phone is tricky when consumers are put off by fraud, scams, and robocalls. One example is the need to contact individuals around COVID-19 contact tracing. 

Neustar recently announced that we’re partnering with the Virginia Department of Health to implement contact tracing solutions, including Branded Call Display (BCD) to enhance the Commonwealth’s COVID-19 mitigation efforts. BCD offers enhanced, informative call displays on supported devices, including the option to display a contact tracing organization’s name (e.g., “VA Dept. Health”), location, reason for the call (“Important health information”), logo and more. 

Neustar’s entire suite of Trusted Call Solutions (TCS) is helping VA DOH increase tracers’ answer rates and ultimately improves the program’s overall efficacy in controlling the spread of the novel coronavirus throughout the Commonwealth. 

Phone calls are critical for financial service firms who regularly need to resolve complicated issues, deal with urgent concerns, and share confidential information. But, 88% of respondents in Omdia’s study reported that more than 10% of their calls were blocked in the past six months; while 44% said their calls were being mislabeled. With BCD, customers know who’s calling, and answer the phone. Seventy-eight percent of respondents said they definitely, or probably, need Branded Call Display (BCD). 

Consumers are demanding more patient-centric healthcare experience, and the phone is a vital part of that process. A recent survey shows that 88 percent of appointments with healthcare providers are scheduled by phone. That makes it a critical touchpoint in the patient experience. BCD helps healthcare providers increase answer rates and improve patient outreach. 

To accommodate remote work environments, insurance providers have had to rely heavily on technology so employees could continue to work and remain connected to distributors and clients. In turn, digital tools took the place of face-to-face encounters, requiring greater dependence on connectivity, including the phone. In the Omdia survey, 82 percent of insurance providers said they need a branded calling solution to help reduce member churn, improve the omnichannel experience, and protect their brand.

Five good reasons to implement branded calling:

  • Increase answer rates.
    When calls are tagged correctly, fewer calls get marked as spam or blocked. Neustar’s Trusted Call Solutions suite, which includes Branded Call Display (BCD) has been proven to decrease spam complaints by 90 to 100 percent, according to Forrester in their report, New Technology: The Projected Total Economic Impact™ Of Neustar Trusted Call Solutions.
  • Reverse revenue loss – continuously.
    In their report, Forrester also noted that use of Branded Call Display (BCD) was proven to help enterprises increase incremental income by 28 to 32 percent. 
  • Cut costs.
    When asked about the impact of calls are blocked or flagged as spam, respondents in the recent Omdia study, Rebuilding Trust in Calls, 2021, listed increased costs after loss of sales/revenues and reduced answer rates. The good news is that reducing phone tag by ensuring customers know who’s calling also reduces costs.
  • Promote and protect your brand.
    Companies today can’t afford to be reckless with their reputation. Phone calls are also an important way to convey brand value to the consumer as they establish trust and build brand loyalty. Every Neustar branded call is verified with STIR/SHAKEN call authentication―and can be trusted. So, spoofers can’t hijack your brand, or tarnish your hard-earned reputation. 
  • Provide a consistent omnichannel experience.
    According to the Omdia study, Rebuilding Trust in Calls, 2021, 97 percent of respondents in their survey deem the phone an important channel; and 96 percent said it’s important to align the phone with the omnichannel journey. 

You can read the full Omdia report here

Learn more about Branded Call Display, and read the eBook: 5 Reasons to Brand Your Calls.

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