May 14th, 2021

Explore the Value IP Decisioning Data with a Free UltraGeoPoint Developer Account

Neustar is now offering free Developer Accounts for UltraGeoPoint, the industry-leading source of authoritative IP decisioning data.

UltraGeoPoint data provides independent, real-time information about each visitor to your website or network as they connect to it, based only on the IP address of their connected device.

Businesses around the world rely on this data for critical input into automated decisioning flows that help them reduce risk, improve compliance and provide frictionless user experiences. The technology is not invasive, requires no user opt-in and is compliant with privacy regulations around the globe.

Now you can discover for yourself how these insights can bring value to your organization or new project – at no cost, with no risk.

The critical importance of IP data in decisioning workflows. Your website or network is out there. It’s literally open to anyone with the right link or URL. On an average day hundreds or thousands of visitors – or more, depending on your business -- access your digital assets.

Some of them are good, steady users or customers who deserve – and expect – an online experience that reflects their value to your business from the moment they arrive. Others are prospects who could become good, steady users, or at least contribute to your business.

Inevitably, some of them are also scheming to get away with something.

Unfortunately, you have no way of knowing anything about any of them, except for those who are registered and cookied users. And even they could be imposters.

That’s where UltraGeoPoint IP decisioning data helps. It provides important information about each visitor that can be incorporated into an automated decisioning workflow that triggers as each user arrives at your digital domain, derived from the IP address of the device they’re using.

That information in turn drives rules-based decisions about how to handle them, such as how much access to provide and what kinds of content to offer.

The insights you receive with a Developer Account include six of the most useful data points from the full suite of more than 40 data fields available with UltraGeoPoint. They include information about the geographic location of the device, how it’s connecting to the Internet and your assets, and the organization that manages the IP address. Specifically, the data includes:

  • Country, State and City where the user’s device IP is located (state data is not available for every country)
  • Postal Code for the device IP, when available
  • IP Routing Type capturing how the device is accessing the Internet, such as fixed line, mobile gateway or corporate proxy
  • Organization Name providing the name of the organization responsible for the IP, such as Verizon or Comcast

None of this information is inherent in an IP address. To provide it, Neustar has invested almost a decade in building and refining the database that powers UltraGeoPoint. It utilizes automated and manual collection methods to ingest vast amounts of data about virtually every IP address worldwide. The raw data is continually analyzed using sophisticated algorithms that have been refined with a continuous closed-loop feedback methodology that is second to none.

Our efforts are led by a dedicated team of Network Geography Analysts who are deeply experienced in the world of IP allocation, traceroutes and data analysis. Our IP determinations are continually reviewed and confirmed by an extensive QA program that utilizes both manual processes and automated tools to ensure it is accurate and current.

The results of this focused effort are highly accurate determinations of IP-based insights that can reliably support important business functions.

Use cases across your business. With IP decisioning data in a real-time decisioning workflow, you can expect improved results in a range of applications.

  • IT Security: Identify potential threats by tracking activities of users from unusual or suspect geographies; block access to sensitive or restricted content by unauthorized or suspect users
  • Fraud Prevention: Reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions by blocking users from unlikely or suspect locations or registering organizations, or routing them through a secondary authentication process (e.g. “please contact customer care”)
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Ensure compliance with licensing restrictions by blocking access to users from unauthorized geographies; support compliance with geographically-based privacy regulations
  • OTT and Streaming Media Content: Provide friction-free access to geographically licensed OTT content or streaming media for eligible users while blocking or restricting access for users from non-licensed locations
  • Gaming and Gambling: Block access to prospective gamers in restricted or non-licensed locations; confirm prospective new users are located where they say they are; flag multiple users from a single IP to reduce risk of collusion or fraud
  • Customer Experience and Marketing: Serve geographically appropriate, targeted content to even unregistered users; gain independent insights into user locations to support accurate market research and user insights

The data available through an UltraGeoPoint Developer Account is designed to be easily incorporated into new or existing decisioning workflows to drive rules-based outcomes for any incoming user.

Access to the data is easy to implement using a RESTful API interface to our cloud-based solution. You can complete up to 500 queries every day, each returning all six data fields (when available). Response to queries is virtually instantaneous.

If you’re not now using IP data in your decisioning workflows – or if you have yet to implement an automated decisioning solution – here’s your opportunity to discover how it can help your organization improve user experiences while reducing risks. If you are looking to make the change from another IP decisioning data provider, contact us to see how easy it is to switch.

Start right now: Register here to get your FREE UltraGeoPoint Developer Account. Questions? Email us or call 1-855-898-0036 in the US or +44 1784 448444 in the UK.

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