On June 12, Neustar was celebrated at the 2017 Education Innovation Awards for our dedication to providing digital STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education to students across the country. The award, presented by EVERFI and Nasdaq, recognized exceptional efforts to strengthen communities and empower students through unique digital learning opportunities. Twenty institutions were honored with this distinction in New York City.

Propelling the Connected World

For Neustar, connecting people, places, and things is both our company mission and the foundation of our CSR initiatives. Our My Digital Life program uses technology to teach students digital literacy and STEM skills. Throughout the life of the program, Neustar employees have played a crucial role in augmenting the digital courses by engaging with students and providing real world learning.

This award acknowledges Neustar’s commitment to STEM education and to building strong communities through student and employee engagement. The company is proud to provide students with fun, interactive education tools on topics that are critical for their success.

“Kids are digital natives. They have grown up surrounded by technology,” said Neustar President and CEO Lisa Hook. “The My Digital Life program can speak to them in their own language and help them gain important life skills. The program helps them learn about computing and the Internet — how to use it, how to be safe, and how to avoid being cyber-bullied.”

“We are just at the beginning of the most important trend over the next decade, which is how people, places, and things will be connected and how that is going to impact them,” said Neustar Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Steven Wolfe Pereira. “We are proud to see our program inspire tomorrow's leaders to fuel the innovation economy and impact the future of the connected world.”

My Digital Life Partnership

The My Digital Life program has made a significant impact over the last five years, providing critical STEM and digital literacy resources to over 160,000 students across more than 1,200 schools nationwide. The program, developed in partnership with leading education technology company, EVERFI, has resulted in an average knowledge gain of 65% across STEM education and digital literacy.  Through this program, Neustar continues to create opportunities for students to think differently about the world around them. We are making STEM come to life for young children, giving them access to experiences they otherwise would not have and allowing them to thrive with more creative and engaged minds.

To learn more about the My Digital Life program, visit: http://bit.ly/2sDYSZf. Check out some of the awards recognition photos: https://flic.kr/p/UAkJkg