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October 6th, 2017

Does Apple’s Latest Update Signal a Cookie That’s Crumbling?

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A new release from Apple to address consumer privacy concerns is having a direct impact on MacOS High Sierra desktop and mobile web cookie performance. Safari will begin to limit cookie data availability to a 24-hour window, and will completely delete cookies after 30 days if a user has not been seen in that timeframe. The reason they are making this update is to restrict previous tactics taken by the ecosystem to get around the long-standing limitations that Safari has placed on the third party cookie. Previously released across their mobile environment, desktop cookies will now follow the same restrictive guidelines.

While this update poses less of a threat for media giants such as Google and Facebook where visitors, on average, log in at least once a day, other digital properties with limited traffic (exceeding the 24-hour threshold), will have a harder time keeping a persistent eye on their users. This lack of transparency creates a problem for marketers and analysts focused on measuring attribution across their digital ecosystem. With blind spots across the customer journey, organizations will need to look beyond solely cookie-based measurement and attribution if they want the complete customer picture.

Moving beyond the cookie doesn’t mean discarding it. For an omnichannel view you need to utilize omnichannel signals to complete that picture. Connecting the cookie to other customer identifiers, both online and offline, provides a stronger – more persistent view of the customer across all channels. Not relying on any single source of identity (or “fractional identifier”) provides a more inclusive view of customer engagement across your marketing opening the door to deeper analytics and more granular measurement.

Neustar is well positioned to help our clients with these changes. “In addition to mobile cookies, the Neustar OneID system connects mobile Ad IDs, IP Addresses, and offline identity to online attributes and identifiers,” explains Sumit Shukla, VP, Business Development & Strategy at Neustar.

“Our OneID system provides the bridge across offline and online identity, and across people, places, and things. It’s proven to be an effective way to maintain a persistent customer ID that does not rely on anyone fractional identifier, while enabling unique, advanced measurement and analytics solutions across the ecosystem, such as open web, Facebook, Google, and the major TV MVPDs.”

Building a persistent customer ID across fractional identifiers is just the tip of the spear, however. To fill those gaps across measurement and attribution requires both an aggregate view of the customer journey and a granular view of media and audience performance by combining Media Mix Modeling and Multi-Touch Attribution Neustar allows organizations to use what they already know is working combined with a complete understanding of their best customers to inform and optimize the decisions being made across all channels and touchpoints. As the ecosystem continues to change Neustar will continue to provide the necessary solutions necessary to succeed.





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