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April 20th, 2017

Delivering exceptional customer service through ebb and flow

Being scalable means at any given time you have the ability to adjust your resources according to your call volumes. During slower times, you can scale back your labor force to save costs without impacting your level of customer service. When call volumes surge, you have enough call center agents available to handle more calls and serve the needs of your customers over the telephone channel.

For contact centers that still use knowledge-based authentication (KBA) to identify customers, maintaining a scalable environment is largely managed through planning and scheduling the workforce. That’s because a lot of time and money is spent verifying callers over the phone. When customers aren't verified pre-call, agents are required to authenticate them through a bunch of security questions before they can help them. This customer interrogation can take a minute or more, and when call volumes are up, it increases wait times for other customers. For banks that rely on KBA to validate callers, the only answer is more trained agents.

There are other solutions contact centers can use to deal with the ebb and flow of call volumes. These services allow call centers to pay-as-you-go to ramp up the level of resources needed during predictable and unexpected spikes in call volumes. When calls are down, they can save on overhead. But costs go back up when they have you pay extra to make sure they are adequately staffed to handle more calls. 

What if you could have the right level of staff and still cut costs no matter how high or low your call volumes are? What if you could continue serving your customers at the highest level over the telephone channel and save on labor costs during both peak and quieter times?

With automated caller authentication, you don’t have to hire or train more staff for peak seasons. By proactively identifying callers before they reach your bank agents, you remove the need for costly and time-consuming KBA telephone interrogations. This saves valuable time, and money, on each call so you can focus less on identifying customers and more on providing them with exceptional service.

Customer identification solutions like the TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication invisibly validate customers pre-call. Because the validation process is done before they pick up the phone, agents don’t have to be trained on lengthy and intrusive authentication scripts. Instead, they can begin addressing your customers' needs the moment they pick up the phone. And by resolving their issues faster, additional staff isn't required.

When it comes to managing the telephone channel, automated caller authentication gives contact centers the scalability they need to help agents answer more calls, save money, and deliver the high level of customer service, whether call volumes are up or down.

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