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January 25th, 2016

Data-Driven Strategies for Relevant Omnichannel Marketing

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At this stage of the omnichannel game, we know that the best consumer experiences are driven by a wealth of insights that allow for extremely relevant communication. If marketers want to keep their customers happy and loyal they must first show how valuable those customers are by making every interaction pertinent to their interests and needs.

But how do you surmount the common barriers of siloed and poor-quality data that get in the way of personalizing the consumer experience?

The answer lies with customer interaction information across online and offline channels. With it, you can bridge any gaps between how your customers shop and how you engage with them. After all, there are now proven strategies for optimizing the data you have to reach you customers wherever they are—and create experiences that truly stand out.

The Customer Experience Imperative: Data-Driven Strategies for Relevant Omnichannel Marketing is a new whitepaper by Neustar and 1to1 Media. The paper examines four basic steps to operational efficiency and how you can use the wealth of data now available to:

  • Understand more precisely who your high-value prospects and customers are
  • Eliminate inaccuracies in your customer profiles
  • Achieve maximum results by segmenting customers and prospects to deliver more personalized and relevant messages
  • Use improved data to elevate the customer experience, upsell and cross-sell, and gain consistency and efficiency in your marketing efforts

Learn how to take advantage of your data resources to connect with customers, enhance your brand image, and win in the “show me that you know me” economy.

Download the whitepaper, The Customer Experience Imperative: Data-Driven Strategies for Relevant Omnichannel Marketing.

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