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October 26th, 2015

Unlocking the Potential of Cross-Device

Introducing the MarketShare Identity Consortium, Providing Analytics to Optimize the Customer Journey Across All Screens

As consumers engage across an ever-expanding array of devices, MarketShare is helping brands optimize across the complete array of digital touch points. We’ve partnered with leading cross-device data and marketing technology providers Crosswise, Drawbridge, MediaMath, and Tapad to make this happen.

  • Through the new MarketShare Identity Consortium, these partners provide an anonymous “map” of each customer's digital journey—describing the complete array of digital touches across the desktop, mobile devices, and even wearables that preceded a conversion.
  • MarketShare’s advanced marketing analytics platform, MarketShare DecisionCloud, evaluates that journey to calculate how much each touch point along the way has contributed to the final marketing result. These calculations look at brand engagements individually, and in the context of the wider digital program.
  • With this insight, MarketShare DecisionCloud guides brands’ digital investments across all devices, in both programmatic and “standard” digital media. Marketers can use this rapid, precise guidance to buy digital media more effectively, to significantly improve targeting, and to course correct.
  • Using MarketShare DecisionCloud’s cross-channel marketing allocation application, MarketShare DecisionCloud also syncs that guidance with brands’ broader strategic plans.

MarketShare customers can work with whichever Consortium partner they choose.

The Consortium is only the most recent example of MarketShare helping brands connect insight across distinct stages of the digital journey. Earlier this year, MarketShare established strategic partnerships with Acxiom® and LiveRamp to optimize digital marketing for brick-and-mortar sales.

Here's what Consortium members have to say about the initiative's significance:

  • “Integrating these cross-device leaders with MarketShare DecisionCloud, we’ve married the best technology to map the cross-device customer journey with unrivalled cross-channel attribution. The result is predictive allocation guidance powered by a sophisticated understanding of the business impact of each marketing touch, across any screen. This is powerful analytics for a multi-screen world.”
    - Jon Vein, Co-Founder & CEO, MarketShare


  • “Given that almost every consumer is engaged with brands via multiple devices, the addition of these cross-device capabilities to MarketShare’s cross-channel attribution application is an important evolution for marketers and brands. We’re delighted to collaborate with MarketShare to empower its clients with our authoritative source of cross-device identification data.”
    - Steven Glanz, Founder and CEO, Crosswise


  • “Marketers are increasingly focused on making data-driven decisions to optimize their cross-channel ad spend, and that relies on the availability of proper cross-device measurement and attribution tools. Our world-class accuracy and scale leads to better cross-device attribution and more efficient marketing, and we're excited to be able to democratize our Connected Consumer Graph™ data through the MarketShare DecisionCloud.”
    - Rahul Bafna, VP of Product Management and Partnerships, Drawbridge


  • “As sophisticated performance marketers move away from the reliance on cookies alone, we are partnering with MarketShare to help them gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ online behaviors, regardless of channel or device, and the influence of those behaviors on buying decisions.”
    - Mike Lamb, President, Commercial, MediaMath


  • “Understanding how devices are connected is half the battle, but truly effective marketing digs deeper in understanding the role of each touchpoint in driving consumer action. Accurate, scalable and media-tested data is essential to truly effective cross-device execution, measurement and attribution. We’re very pleased to integrate with MarketShare’s DecisionCloud and make this measurement a reality.”
    - Are Traasdahl, Founder and CEO, Tapad




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