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January 14th, 2016

Cross Device? Cross Everything is Better!

screen shot of the platform one interface

Today we’re proud to announce the next iteration of our integrated marketing solution, PlatformOne™. With new cross-device frequency analysis, geographical heat maps, multi-time-zone support, and many other enhancements, this latest release brings further innovation to the solution’s already advanced feature set. As it continues to evolve, PlatformOne delivers to marketers even more of the holistic intelligence they need to navigate today’s marketing landscape.

Following are some of the new, innovative capabilities included in this PlatformOne release:

  • Do you know when you’re overexposing your best customers? The new Identity Level filters help you to understand advertising exposure by household.

  • Want to know which DMAs are more responsive to your campaign messages? We’ve got you covered. The new Geo dashboard gives you a complete, cross-geographical view into campaign cost and performance by location.

  • With multi-time zone support, you now get access to fresher data and better intelligence across the globe.
  • Need to know how many more users you can reach with your current inventory partners? To answer this and other similar questions, we’ve incorporated new metrics into our syndication reports.
  • Sure, you can measure advertisers—but now you can manage them even better. The enhanced Manage tab brings several new advertiser admin views (along with all the existing ones) into PlatformOne’s new UI.
  • With over 100 partner integrations, the new release of PlatformOne incorporates even more partners from across the marketing ecosystem. New audience syndication partners include Bombora, cXense, DemandBase. New data providers include Adobe/AutoTrader, ALC (American Legal Counsel). And now there’s new pixeless measurement integration with AOL, Dstillery, Innovid, Mediamath, The Trade Desk, and Videology.

For general support questions please contact P1Support@neustar.biz.

A huge thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!

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