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How Facebook, Google, and Pinterest do Marketing Analytics

by Dori Fern September 25th, 2017

At AdWeek NYC 2017, Neustar VP of Product Marketing, Julie Fleischer. Fleischer spoke to measurement leaders from Facebook, Google, and Pinterest—an almost unheard of coup since the three rarely appear together anywhere—about how measurement tools like the Neustar Media Mix Modeling and MTA solutions they use impact their businesses. Read Full Article

Neustar Adds Web Application Firewall to its Expansive Security Solution Suite

by Travis Abercrombie September 20th, 2017

Neustar adds a web application firewall (WAF) to its expansive security solution suite, providing protection against application layer attacks as well as DDoS attacks. Read Full Article

Do These 4 Things to Attract, Retain, and Keep Top Talent

by Shira Dinour September 20th, 2017

Given today’s culture where everyone is running to the next big, new, bright, and shiny thing, how do you retain and attract top talent? At the inaugural Neustar Connect Marketing Forum, we had the opportunity to listen to a panel moderated by Bruce Brown from Daversa Partners tell us what The Future of Talent looks like. Here are four essential elements that session panelists say make their organizations successful when it comes to recruiting, and keeping, top talent. Read Full Article

The Future of Media Means No More Free Lunch

by Amanda Jones September 20th, 2017

Rich Greenfield is one of the most opinionated voices writing about media today. His opinion on the future of media is clear: both brands and media companies MUST figure out a way to build direct relationships with consumers. Those who don’t will “lose their free lunch.” Read Full Article

The Power of Connection: Brands, Data, and Consumer Understanding

by Maria Kiskis September 20th, 2017

Imagine a world in which you can receive feedback on a daily basis. What are your customers thinking? What do they want? What does loyalty mean? And what data does understanding your customer start with? These are the questions we were lucky to hear VP, Global Head of Media, Data and Digital of McDonald's Bob Rupcyznski, Lucinda Martinez, Senior VP at HBO and Peter Pham, Co-Founder of Science discuss with Neustar VP of Product Marketing, Julie Fleischer. Read Full Article