"Internet of Things" Articles

Chinese Surveillance Cameras Being Used All Over U.S. Highlight Supply Chain Risks

by Brian Knopf December 15th, 2017

In a prime example of a potential security risk lurking in plain sight, Hikvision, a company that is majority owned by the Chinese government, sells surveillance cameras in the U.S. These cameras have proven to be exploitable by hackers, meaning their data could be used for illicit means. It’s time for companies to re-asses how they think about IoT device security. Read Full Article

Neustar Continues to Advance IoT Security Solutions with EdgeX Foundry at IoTSWC

by James Zerbe October 3rd, 2017

The Neustar team is at IoT Solutions World Congress this week, demonstrating new solutions as part of the Linux Foundation’s EdgeX Foundry project, which is set up as a collaborative industry effort to design better ways to mitigate attacks over an IoT network. Read Full Article

Top 3 Things You Need to Remember for Better IoT Security

by Brian Knopf July 27th, 2017

With hackers getting more sophisticated every year and IoT devices proliferating by the millions, keeping everything secure is a challenge. Here are my Top 3 tips to ensure you can quickly recover from an attack. Read Full Article

Time for something different because what’s being done isn’t working DDoS Advantage: Attacker

by Barrett Lyon May 2nd, 2017

Neustar actively monitors and reports what and how organizations are experiencing DDoS activity worldwide. In this research report that show the global ramifications of DDoS and how companies are fighting back. Read Full Article

Neustar a Founding Member of EdgeX Foundry Project, Helping Secure IoT Networks

by James Zerbe April 25th, 2017

To help build a common framework for IoT developers, the Linux Foundation, in partnership with Dell, announced a collaborative effort called EdgeX Foundry. Neustar is a Founding Member and will be lending its expertise to the project. Read Full Article