donkey and elephant united states political party symbols

Gearing up for Election 2016, has launched Political Audiences for customers on Google Display Network (DoubleClick for Publishers/DoubleClick Campaign Manager), The Trade Desk, and Undertone. Comprised of data from over 180 million voters and linked to Neustar’s authoritative identity, these new audiences can help campaigns and advocacy groups* reach supporters, educate voters, reach donors, and rally their base more effectively.

By leveraging Neustar’s extensive media partnership network, campaigns and advocacy groups can quickly create and launch a campaign across multiple channels and devices, including mobile. And they can do so in a way that ensures better use of precious dollars. Here are just a few powerful ways you can start using Political Audiences today.

  • Get Out the Vote: focus messages on registered voters without bombarding non-registered voters, or exclude registered voters from messages focused on encouraging new registration.
  • Educate Your Voters: send targeted messages to your party’s registered voters to rally support around a key campaign issue. The same concept works for advocacy groups: target only those who have shown interest in the environment, the economy, or other causes and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  • Fuel Your Fundraising Efforts: drive donations for your candidate and/or key issues by reaching those who have donated to similar candidates and political causes in the past.

As a bonus, Neustar has data onboarding to bring your current supporter list online. Once that’s done, Neustar can help you find people who are similar to your current supporters (read: the best targets for your next efforts to expand your support base.)

And the best part is, it’s easy to get started. Neustar AdAdvisor Political Audiences are readily available on Google Display Network (DoubleClick for Publishers/DoubleClick Campaign Manager), The Trade Desk, and Undertone. It will soon be available on a variety of demand-side platforms (DSPs).

*Use of Neustar AdAdvisor Political Audiences is generally restricted to non-commercial political purposes. To learn more, visit