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May 9th, 2016

.brand TLDs: Where the Wild Things Are

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In the emerging world of .brands—Top-Level Domains (TLDs) like .fox and .apple—wild creativity is bursting out all over, most recently at www.pop.swatch and www.terra.omega. Two very different watchmakers have let their imaginations off the leash. In fresh ways, they’re following the examples of .brand sites like www.next100.bmw, which showcases an amazing concept car, and www.lifetothefullest.abbott, where the maker of Similac and Ensure asks customers to share their thoughts on living life to the max.

Omega: Promoting Sustainability (and Stunning Timepieces)

Omega’s .brand microsite celebrates the brand’s partnership with GoodPlanet Foundation, the brainchild of Yann Arthus-Betrand, the French environmental photographer, filmmaker, and reporter. The site is one of many ways GoodPlanet and Omega are raising awareness of sustainable development and other green causes.

Two very cool things you’ll find there: a movie and, you guessed it, a watch.

The movie is Terra, a documentary billed as “a tribute to the human race, clearly showing that we are still capable of changing our future, just by looking differently at life.” The film follows in the footsteps of Planet Ocean, another award-winning documentary by Omega-GoodPlanet.

The watch is Omega’s new Aqua Terra GoodPlanet, made of grade 5 titanium and accented with an ocean blue color. Omega is donating a portion of sales proceeds to a new wildlife project in Botswana, helping to protect habitats for elephants and other animals.


Swatch: New Watches “To Let Your Imaginations Run Wild”

Swatch is using its .brand to promote a new line of watches you can pop out of their bands. The Pop Swatch is equipped with a clip so you can attach the timepiece “wherever your imagination takes it. Change your style every day, stand out, and express yourself!”

To launch Pop Swatch, the brand worked with cutting-edge online artists on a campaign, “Pop It Up!” The tagline: “Create the Unexpected,” exactly what Swatch has done with this .brand site.

Years back, when Internet governing body ICANN first announced new TLDs like .brands, it spoke of encouraging innovative uses for domains. No one knew what would happen. Now we’re seeing the vision unfold with unpredictable fun. What brand doesn’t want that?  



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