Ken Politz

Ken has been the technical product development director for numbering and routing solutions at Neustar since 2009, including the initial design and launch of the GSMA PathFinder Number Portability Discovery service. He is currently responsible for developing authenticated identity management solutions through a combination of both organic development and strategic third-party partnerships.  

Ken's Articles

Beware the “Dirty Dozen”

March 21st, 2016

The “Dirty Dozen” is a running list of the top tax scams as reported by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In their February 2, 2016 release, the IRS offers taxpayers a range of ways to protect themselves. However, wouldn’t it be better if the taxpayer can know with confidence that the person calling is actually from the IRS? There are now solutions on the market that redefine the call experience and empower call recipients to make more informed decisions about answering calls, as well as restore trust in the caller identity information displayed. Read Full Article