Drew Thimme

Drew Thimme is Executive Director of Healthcare for marketing solutions at Neustar, where he is responsible for growing the customer portfolio by aligning Neustar’s industry-leading solutions and teams with the unique needs of Healthcare Marketers to drive measurable growth and improved customer experiences. Drew also works across industries where there is product expertise and experience.

Drew's Articles

How Aetna Cracked the Code on Data-Driven, Customer-Centric Marketing

April 27th, 2018

Neustar client, Aetna, has made great strides, per CMO David Edelman in seizing “…the opportunity to work towards improving health outcomes for all Americans.” In addition, the healthcare giant has also succeeded in connecting the dots to prove that an analytics-driven, customer-centric marketing approach also benefits their bottom line. Read Full Article


The Future of Measurement Requires Bold Leadership

September 17th, 2017

The Future of Measurement, according to leaders across industries – in conversation with Neustar VP of Marketing Julie Fleischer – is about bold leadership, asking the right questions, understanding complex customers and enabling teams to take action, one provable, measurable step at a time. Read Full Article