Devon DeBlasio

Devon is a Product Marketing Manager at Neustar, previously leading the Product Marketing team at Curate as well as a Product Marketer at PointRoll. With over eight years of experience, Devon has strong foundations in the disciplines of digital technology and advertising. This includes work with premier global brands, agencies, and technology platforms. He believes that marketing requires relationships built on trust and progress. More specifically, in the technology market, he places emphasis on communication, productivity, and creativity.

Devon's Articles

Marketing Labels to Boost Data Transparency

December 4th, 2018

Neustar has teamed with leading marketer groups, as well as other data providers, to develop third-party labeling standards to help marketers get a clearer understanding of the data they’re buying. Read Full Article


How Sharp Is Your Customer Data? Marketers Need to Get Smarter.

June 29th, 2018

Keeping your CRM data up to date is essential for the modern marketing. People change, whether it’s their address, phone number, email, or even their last name, and making sure your data keeps up with those changes can save you time and money to ensure your marketing budget isn’t wasted. Read Full Article


Why Identity, Not Devices, Should Be the Core of Customer-Obsessed Marketing

January 15th, 2018

As more and more marketers leverage the valuable insights of big data, to get the most out of their platform it’s not simply about the volume of the data, but the quality of that data. By using a DMP that emphasizes identity, you’ll be marketing to real people and not just digital profiles. Read Full Article


Does Apple’s Latest Update Signal a Cookie That’s Crumbling?

October 6th, 2017

A new release from Apple to address consumer privacy concerns is having a direct impact on MacOS High Sierra desktop and mobile web cookie performance. With blind spots across the customer journey, organizations will need to look beyond solely cookie-based measurement and attribution if they want the complete customer picture. Read Full Article


The ‘Game of Thrones’ of Media: Data-Driven Addressability and Consumer Behavior Collide

September 19th, 2017

As digital disruption, data-driven addressability, and consumer behavior collide; these panelists discussed how brand, agency, and media leaders must band together to successfully navigate this new landscape of content consumption. At the Neustar Connect Forum, Suzanne Vranica, Advertising Editor at the Wall Street Journal moderated a panel with Lisa Mann, Global Nutrition Group President and CMO of PepsiCo; Donna Speciale, President, Broadcasting Ad Sales, at Turner; and Jay Sethi, VP, Marketing at Diageo about... Read Full Article