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July 26th, 2017

Are you giving your customers the reassurance they deserve?

When your banking customers have a problem, they call for help.

Traditionally, the contact center has been one of the most relied upon customer channels for financial institutions. Despite the growing number of new banking platforms, there’s something about talking to a live agent that gives customers a level of personal and professional reassurance that other channels just can’t do. 

With millions of customers picking up the phone to call their bank each year, the contact center has been, and will remain, one of the most active channels for customer support. Any authentication process that disrupts this relatively seamless interaction with your customers can potentially cause irreversible monetary and reputational damage to your bank and brand reputation.

This is nothing new. For years, contact centers have known the impact that conventional knowledge-based authentication (KBA) solutions have on the sensitive banking experience. Yet, despite the potential risk to the security of customer accounts and the profitable bank-customer relationships, financial institutions continue to employ costly, nonpredictive KBA methods to identify customers over the telephone channel.

With over 60 percent of fraud scams starting with a simple phone call, banks can't afford not to provide a more secure and efficient experience over their most used customer channel. Continuing to interrogate customers over the telephone is outdated and creates a level of friction that's no longer necessary in today's banking environment.

There are authentication tools now available that allow financial institutions to instantly and invisibly authenticate callers in real time without disrupting their banking journey.

Using advanced telephone network forensics to automatically detect the risk of every inbound call while it is still ringing is how the TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication solution helps banks block spoofed calls and streamline verified good callers to the appropriate operator without disrupting the customer experience.

With TRUSTID, there's no more intrusive security questions. Banks don’t waste precious phone time, resources and overhead on longer calls. With automatic caller authentication, telephone agents put the customer’s needs first. When they pick up, they get right to the caller’s issues to provide the level of personal and professional service that customers deserve, and have come to expect, from their bank’s contact center.

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