July 12th, 2021

Analysys Mason Report Highlights Revenue Opportunities for Carriers Offering Branded Call Solutions

As Communication Service Providers (CSPs) scramble to identify new sources of revenue in an increasingly competitive market, their enterprise customers grapple with the growing problem of robocalls and call spoofing. A new report by Analysys Mason, Branded Calling Solutions – A New Revenue-Generating Opportunity for Telecom Operators, shares insights on how both challenges can be addressed simultaneously. 

Branded calling solutions, like Neustar’s Branded Call Display (BCD) enable enterprises to add logos, location, reason for the call, as well as confirmation that the call has been verified with STIR/SHAKEN. 

By leveraging branded calling solutions, carriers can solve their enterprise customers' most demanding phone fraud problems, while creating new revenue opportunities for themselves by offering a suite of valuable new services – including branded calls. And, by adding branded call solutions to their mix of new services, it’s believed that carriers can increase ARPU along with customer satisfaction, while growing their business for core connectivity services.

Read the eBook: Branded Calling: The Next STIR/SHAKEN Frontier.

Solutions to combat robocalls and call spoofing.
For enterprises, unanswered calls result in increased operational and support costs, and undermine customer confidence. It also means enterprises can’t effectively cross-sell or upsell new services that are critical to their growth and margin sustainment. 

The report introduces several solutions that carriers can deploy to reduce the negative impact of fraudulent calling on their enterprise customers. These include enterprise caller identity resolution, robocall mitigation solutions, and STIR/SHAKEN call authentication. The FCC mandated that carriers implement STIR/SHAKEN and/or a robocall mitigation solution by June 30, 2021, unless they received an extension.

Read the eBook: FCC Updates and Best Practices on STIR/SHAKEN.

Analysys Mason also suggests that CSPs can offer enterprise customers additional services designed to increase answer rates with the objective of eventually improving consumer confidence. This report explores the following solutions: 

  • Caller identity management 
  • Telephone number reputation management 
  • Do-Not-Originate telephone number registration
  • Caller brand management 
  • Branded calling solutions

Branded calling offers the greatest revenue promise. 
Of these options, branded calling solutions appear to be gaining the most momentum. They are highlighted due to their initial reception and adoption by enterprises as a way to promote their brands, achieve a positive impact on answer rates, and enhance their perception as a desired and modern, multi-channel approach to customer engagement.  

Analysys Mason projects that enterprises will spend nearly $2B on branded call solutions in North America by 2025.


Turning the tide of consumer trust.  
In the report, Analysis Mason states that the adoption, sale, and implementation of branded calling solutions will be instrumental in reversing what has been an exponential rise in fraudulent call activity, including illegal robocalls and call spoofing. 

Both enterprises and CSPs have good reasons to implement branded calling solutions. 

  • Enterprises 
    Are looking to their telecom operators to assist them in reducing the number of fraudulent and robocalls, optimize call operations, and improve the consumer call experience. By implementing branded call solutions, enterprises can bring a whole new level of confidence to their customers by both ensuring call verification, and providing vital data and images on the phone screen.
  • Carriers
    Every single carrier surveyed saw branded call solutions as a promising solution for enhancing relationships with consumers and creating opportunities to sell badly needed new revenue-generating services.  

Key success factors for carriers.
Analyses Mason outlines several factors for carriers to consider to maximize the benefits of branded calling. These include:

  • Have foundational building blocks in place – including robust security protocols
  • Cooperate across the ecosystem to drive a “network effect” – the more carriers that implement branded calling, the greater the benefits for all
  • Ensure technical interoperability to remove barriers to adoption

Read the full report here to get all the details. Visit our Trusted Call Resource Center to learn about solutions, tools and tips for CSPs and enterprises. 

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