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October 20th, 2015

An Open Letter from Neustar’s CISO to our UltraDNS Customers

At 4:19 PM EDT last Thursday afternoon, Neustar’s UltraDNS service experienced a service interruption as the unexpected result of a configuration change. The interruption affected some of our customers in the United States and Europe, causing a number of their websites to be inaccessible. As soon as we diagnosed the problem, our operations team restored service to all our affected customers.

At Neustar, we feel that any service interruption or degradation of the user experience is unacceptable. In order to prevent these problems in the future, we have conducted an initial review of our operational plan and have already implemented a number of changes. However, we will not stop at this first step. With some of the best engineers and operations employees in the industry, we’ve begun a full internal review of our operational plan and service architecture, and will soon be starting a full external review as well. By October 31, we will be distributing a summary of our updated operations plans to our customers.

We’ve learned from this experience. We pledge to continue to improve our operations plans and implement new technologies to ensure that our UltraDNS is the best service of its kind. 

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